Thursday, May 2, 2013

Burnin' For You

Motherfucker-wise, it is as hot as one (92℉ outside in our sector, though a pleasant 74℉ in the Just Another Blog [From L.A.]™ bunker) & flames are licking Camarillo, where the temperature was a record (we assume for the date, not all-time) 95℉ at noon. 6,500 acres (2,630 hectares) burned, 0% (0%) contained.

Were we fans of The Bold & The Beautiful we'd be irked at KCBS, which has preëmpted said soap for the same feed that also-CBS-owned KCAL was showing as part of their regular noon newscast. (Now The Talk is preëmpted, as well as The People's Court, as both stations continue w/ the same feed.) Defeats the point of owning two of seven VHF stations in the same major metropolitan area*. (Are we an idiot dwelling in the past? Yes: The VHF/UHF distinction in the U.S. was over in 2009. But you know what we mean.)

Camarillo not so funny now that the state loony bin is closed, but this web log is not trying to be funny. (Not succeeding, anyway.)The former hospital's site is now occupied by CSU Channel Islands, which has been evacuated.
*The other local tee vee duopoly, FOX's KTTV & KCOP, is only wallowing in the schadenfreudal coverage on KTTV.


keyote said...

Not funny, maybe, but laconic and sardonic and other words that end with -ic. Certainly, paranoid enough to not go under, not be taken completely by surprise. You are my daily fix of what some people call Lost Angeles...Keep fighting the good fight, Madame B.!

M. Bouffant said...

Monsieur L'éditeur répond:
Oh shucks, & thank you. We do type to amuse, in our -ic(k) way.

And "not that there's anything wrong w/ being a Madame," but your humble editor is, if not the man he used to be, still equipped w/ exterior genitalia.