Thursday, May 30, 2013

OFF THE PIG: Your F.B.I. &
State-Sanctioned Murder

I.R.S. pseudo-scandal hell, many would say allowing the murdering scum of the F.B.I. to kill unarmed people in their apartments is an actual scandal, although if it doesn't happen to an aristocrat no one cares. And imagine if (as an entirely theoretical — OR IS IT? — example) this reporter decided to clear our nation's streets & board rooms of the criminals that fill them? The national hysteria would be uncontainable.

And the larger picture/problem (this specific incident being merely the most recently visible portion of the iceberg) is law enforcement officers nationwide who cannot solve disputes w/ unarmed people w/o almost immediately reaching for their carbon fiber penises & murdering whoever scares them, those whose looks they don't like, & so on.
Ibragim Todashev, an Orlando, Fla., associate of one of the Boston bombing suspects, was not armed when he was involved an alleged violent confrontation with an FBI agent that resulted in Todashev being shot to death in his apartment, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

The FBI, along with two members of the Massachusetts State Police, was interviewing Todashev during the early morning hours of May 22 when the alleged confrontation took place.

Officials initially told ABC News and other news outlets that a knife was involved in the confrontation.
One lies, the others swear to it. Not a new story.
However, by the day after the shooting, officials noted there was confusion about whether a weapon was involved.

The investigation so far is showing there was an abrupt change in Todashev's demeanor and a physical confrontation ensued, sources said.
This "abrupt change in physical behavior," is shown by ... oh, yes, the statements of the people who killed the guy, statements given to their fellow murderers in the same agency.
A samurai sword was in the room, which may have accounted for some of the initial confusion over whether a weapon was involved, sources added.

Todashev was a trained mixed martial arts fighter. The FBI agent sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the incident.
Fucking shit. A minimum of two of J. Edgar Hoover's buttboys & a pair of Masshole oinkers can't keep one person (A "trained MMA fighter." See also: "Registering your hands w/ the police as a lethal weapon." Bullshit.) under control? Maybe a few doughnut swallowers need to spend some/any time in physical training & not so much time at Dunkin' Donuts®.

A good start to keeping more Americans from being murdered by "their" government might be brain scans so those w/ overdeveloped scaredy-cat parts in their brains (Chicken-shit assholes, to express it in English even cops could understand.) will not be given guns & told to go out & murder for the state/enforce the laws.

SELF-DEFENSE PROTIP: The unarmed being likelier victims of police terror, if you're unarmed & see a cop, shoot first, interrogate later!


mikey said...

Even worse than the donut eaters are the gym rats. In my famous downfall at the battle of Cupertino, it all started when a pumped-up steroid sucking Santa Clara Sheriffs "major crime/gang control" depute informed me that he was going to 'take my pulse' (Wait-whut?) and grabbed my left hand.

Well, fact is, I was geezed up within an inch of emitting ionizing radiation, and my gun was in the car (oh yeah, that was a fun search) but even so, you react how you react and I took back possession of my extremities and oiled up weight-pile boy and geezed up experienced killer went at it with malice aforethought.

Worth noting that I lost. This is NOT a fight you can win, but the point worth making is that is not the sole criterion for entering the arena, as it were. Sometimes you have to say no, 'this far and no harder' and then take the beating, the felony charges and the consequences.

Although one of the pleasant advantages of getting old is there are much fewer parking lot fights with high-strung muscle-bound cops. Those do tend to take a few years off your life when they happen...

M. Bouffant said...

Stays Off The Street Editor:
It would appear the street (or parking lot) ossifer is usually more bulked up than the desk-jockeying Fed or state trooper.

Are you ever amazed you aren't still in stir?