Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Most Cretinous Idea Of The Day

Today's most moronic thought isn't the one held by 44% of self-described Republicans polled who believe that armed revolution will soon be necessary in order to something something America liberties something.

That is idiotic enough, but this scheme to blow $650 million clams on museum building & demolishing is more likely to happen in the reality-based world. (Perhaps not much more likely, but it'll happen before armed revolution in these United Snakes.)
Zumthor's building would leave untouched the Broad Contemporary Art Museum, the Resnick Pavilion, Bruce Goff's 1988 Pavilion for Japanese Art and the former May Co. building. But it does call for the razing of the three original 1965 buildings by William L. Pereira—the Ahmanson, Hammer and Bing wings—and a 1986 addition by Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates of New York.
Because it will save five million bones/yr. in operating costs. Pays for itself in 130 yrs.!

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