Friday, May 24, 2013

In The Key Of Life

Ooooh, poor little rich kids. Look how terrible this is. Then imagine all the sympathy our heart bleeds for them.
Lauren, who did not want her last name revealed, said estimates to repair the damage to the Infiniti G35 and Nissan Murano have ranged from $2,200 to $5,000. She and her husband have filed a police report of the crime, which took place at about 2 a.m. on May 1, and have also posted a copy of their surveillance video on You Tube to alert other neighbors of the vandalism. The couple is aware of about 20 vehicles that have been keyed in their section of Atwater during the past three years, she said.
If these awful fucking jerks don't want people to be righteously disgusted by their consumption, they should move their overpaid asses & overpriced cars to fucking Bel-Air where they can hide behind the walls, the gates & the Bel-Air Patrol.

Honest to fucking gawd, up to US$5,000.00 for scratches on a couple of Japanese plastic & carbon-fiber shit-mobiles? Does the paint have little flakes of gold & platinum?

Let's face it, Lauren (No last name, please.) &/or her husband probably made some asshole move at a restaurant or wherever & this was a person who works for a living getting the best justice poor people can get in this pig society.

Esp. since the perp seems to have ridden a bicycle & this occurred about the time a restauranteur would be heading home.Next time try tipping, witch. It'll save you plenty in the long run.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

On principle, I am against vandalizing property- if you have a problem with someone, put your ass (by which I mean your nose) on the line and confront them personally. Then again, I actually enjoy the physical act of fighting.

I wonder if the car owners cut the guy off while he was riding.

Anonymous said...

If someone keyed my Jeep, I likely wouldn't notice for a while, given the number of scrapes and gouges that it has on it from offroading it (duh, I own a Jeep to drive it offroad, not to conspicuously consume). I don't understand people who buy cars that proclaim "I'm a rich asshole" and get upset about scratches on the damned thing. It's a car. It's transportation. Who gives a shit whether it's a Chevrolet or a Mercedes fucking Benz, if it gets you to where you're going? And who gives a shit about scratches on the damned thing? It ain't as if they'll stop it from getting you where you're goin'!

Substance McGravitas said...

With a key it don't matter if you're smarter or bigger.

M. Bouffant said...

Road & Driveway Editor:
What The Penguin said. Reiterated here by crackers.

See also a YouTube commenter:
This video is the reason why my motto is, if you want the cars, you have to have the garages as well. No shit. If you're living in an area w/o garages, or where the houses are so small you have to use the garage for your other shit, your cars are too damn expensive.