Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Political Science, Foreign Policy
& Our Enemies

Pivot to Asia. (Jesus Fugging Fug, must we now hear about/put up w/ people & nations "pivoting" all the damn time? Which clever dick came up w/ that usage? Stop it!)Anyhoo, Pfaff pretty much pegs it:
China certainly is no military threat to the continental United States, or to its security, economy or major national interests. The principal relationship between the two countries is that China is the largest foreign holder of the United States’ external debt. As is well known, for China to call in that debt would hurt China more than it would the U.S.
And the grim truth few are willing to face:
The particular threat to West Europeans and Americans these days, given the attacks Westerners have suffered in recent weeks, is the revenge of the Muslim enemies they have made in the wars in Muslim countries. They joined together to wreck Iraq, suspected wrongly of having nuclear weapons; Afghanistan for having harbored freelance terrorists who attacked New York for blasphemous conduct in Saudi Arabia; and Moammar Gadhafi for general outrageousness. Syria and Iran are seemingly yet to come.

The lesson to Europeans and Americans should be that it would be better to not make enemies. This generation of Europeans has learned that. Americans have not—yet, at least.
Oh, they'll learn one of these days, & it will be a deservedly painful lesson.Or they are so fucking foolish, ignorant & stupid they won't learn shit. They've certainly missed many chances to wise up.

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