Saturday, May 4, 2013

Twitchy Reports On "The Left"!

More Malkinization, reported breathlessly at Big Hollywood by John Nolte. Any item that opens w/ a sentence including "Twitchy" & "the left" is going to be painful, & while it hurts us to read it now, imagine a future day when Big Ho John remembers typing it. Not just painful, downright embarrassing.


Twitchy reports that on Tuesday night, the left launched a Twitter game with the hashtag #SarahPalinFilms. Via a verified account, this was Netflix's voluntary contribution:

One review of "Iron Sky" describes the film this way:
The film tries to make the connection between the Nazis and the current state of American politics via a US President character that embodies the Sarah Palin brand of politics, but it’s done in bad taste and this is where the satire fails
To say this was a public relations error by Netflix is an understatement. The Internet will not only ensure that Netflix's shockingly tone-deaf tweet spreads like wildfire, but this is the kind of divisive behavior that can blemish a company forever.

Had Netflix contributed to an #ObamaFilm hashtag game with the exact same title… Well, we all know Netflix would never do that. The mainstream media would pummel them into dust.

Thanks to recent successes, Netflix might be feeling flush with power. But classless behavior not only encourages customers to look elsewhere, it tells competitors that there is now an opening.

Eventually, Netflix will find itself faced with real competition, and when it does, goodwill will be the kind of thing that makes all the difference.
It flew right over Nolte's thick skull that Iron Sky is a Sarah Palin film. Says so right up there in the review he quoted.

Not much of a game if "the left" (The future of the Republican Party: Policing "Twitter games.") types The Undefeated* & buggers off is it? And what's wrong w/ a little marketing? Why does John Nolte hate businesses using social media for free-market marketing?

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