Friday, May 10, 2013

Will Not Go Away

One would imagine that 80 yrs. after the Thousand Year Reich was established (& 68 yrs. after it was officially over) the whole Nazi thing would have been forgotten or be so damn boring one would hear little about it, but Nazis are still quite popular, & written about all the time. (Eleventy-Dimensional Chess Dep't.: It's as if the Nazis, by changing names ["Randian Objectivists"] & wearing fewer uniforms, infiltrated the faction of the "victorious" side they knew was more sympathetic, shall we say, to their anti-communist & pro-corporate desires, & actually won that war for world domination we had about 75 yrs. ago. Nah, couldn't be. The now-industrialized West would have to be pretty damn dense to ... )
A controversial Nazi-themed production of Richard Wagner's Tannhäuser has been cancelled after it caused some audience members to seek medical help and prompted others to walk out in anger.

The Rheinoper in Düsseldorf said it was in a state of shock after being deluged with complaints by members of the public who called the opera tasteless and unnecessarily provocative.

The production, which opened last Saturday and was expected to be one of the highlights of the celebrations for the bicentenary of Wagner's birth later this month, has a Nazi storyline, and includes scenes of people dying in gas chambers, being shot and raped, and of members of a family having their heads shaved before their execution.
Some of history is agonizing, & so what? It fucking happened & because it did, reminders are never unnecessary or provocative. Krauts really shouldn't attempt to shove it all down the memory hole. (We've another hole we'd could suggest where they can shove a few things ...)

And what a bunch of sissified weaklings. Where is the Germany of yesterday that could start a war & mean it? Look at this crap:
Some opera goers were said to be so traumatised they had to receive medical assistance. The director of the opera house, Christoph Meyer, said his company had not meant to offend, and its purpose had been to "mourn, not mock" victims of the Holocaust. The production, by director Burkhard C Kosminski, is said to have bombarded the audience with shocking Holocaust imagery from the start.

The opening scene depicts singers inside glass containers dropping to the floor as they are enveloped in a white fog – a clear allusion to the gas chambers that killed millions in Nazi death camps.
Where were the sensitive/vomiting Wagner-lovers when the real Holocaust was happening? Compare your suffering while watching a damn opera to the agony, torture, slavery & death your parents & grandparents inflicted on their fellow citizens just a few yrs. ago.

Even ignoring Nazis who came to these United Snakes to establish the anti-communist national security state, the Nazis' ideological descendants are actually in charge of everything (all in the name of free markets & anti-communism) on both sides of the Atlantic.
He had also found vindication for his controversial subject of inquiry. Back in 2007, when Herwig began publishing articles in Der Spiegel about the public figures he unearthed in the Karteikarten, he provoked an angry backlash, which continued over time as he revealed the Nazi Party membership of more than a dozen prominent German politicians, intellectuals, and artists. “Whenever I wrote that I’d discovered a pillar of society who had a stain, people would say, ‘Oh god, he’s muckraking, he’s throwing dirt at these people, it cannot be true.’” He paused. “But sorry, it is: here’s the file.”
Sheer sloth-like inertia had us ignoring our Nazis, but our Puritan sense of duty forced us to perform a cursory search, which for once was worth the effort. First item returned is a perfect illustation.
Perhaps the report’s most damning disclosures come in assessing the Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement with Nazi émigrés. Scholars and previous government reports had acknowledged the C.I.A.’s use of Nazis for postwar intelligence purposes. But this report goes further in documenting the level of American complicity and deception in such operations.

The Justice Department report, describing what it calls “the government’s collaboration with persecutors,” says that O.S.I investigators learned that some of the Nazis “were indeed knowingly granted entry” to the United States, even though government officials were aware of their pasts. “America, which prided itself on being a safe haven for the persecuted, became — in some small measure — a safe haven for persecutors as well,” it said.
If you aren't hatin' on America, you aren't paying attention.


Mentioner said...

This is up there on the list of "Hardest Posts MB has ever Posted". Feel free to rock out with your cock out.

Yastreblyansky said...

Please note that the text and music of the opera at this point refer quite clearly to group sex inside a Thuringian mountain under the supervision of the goddess Venus, with whom the tenor breaks up in the course of the ensuing scene. If that is represented by a Nazi death camp, does that mean that the opera's finale, when the tenor dies and the prayers of his true love, St. Elisabeth of Hungary, get him into heaven, is the Nuremberg trials? I hate to be the conservative about this shit and I definitely wouldn't vomit and faint but I really fail to see how the production is supposed to, um, work.