Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stylish Action Jump

That mean woman at The Exiled:
Well, I will give him this: he died interestingly. Very few famous people kill themselves deliberately and unequivocally, in such a way that it can’t be argued they took an accidental overdose of their drug of choice or something like that.


But I can’t think of a single one who ever did it by jumping off a bridge into deep water.


Jumping off a bridge is pretty bold. And he didn’t hesitate, either, according to witness reports—just up and over.
We suppose we should type TONY SCOTT here so Internet fuckheads can drop by & whine about what a jerk we are.


Disadvantages of living in a bunker under a lake: The lake wants to get in.

Humor In Uniform

See how long this lasts. Liked this one:
Miller said that officials were concerned that Tapout clothing “could give the enemy a big-picture idea of how many military personnel are in an area, where they go in their off time, and what kind of asinine garbage they spend on their money on. Basically, if I go to a movie theater and see a bunch of Tapout shirts, I know two things: one, there must be a base nearby, and two, with all these posers around, I’m probably the best fighter there, pound for pound.”

Miller said that a defense working group was sent to San Diego, CA, Fayetteville, NC, Jacksonville, NC, and San Antonio, TX to observe people in Tapout gear. The group went to shopping centers, bars, and Dave & Busters, and asked people wearing Tapout clothing whether they were in the military. The working group’s data indicates that 1% of the people interviewed were civilian mixed martial artists, 15% were local douchebags, and 84% were active duty military.

“84% is a big deal,” Miller said. “Even though this wasn’t a formal study, we can’t sit by and do nothing. Not too long ago, I went to a mall outside of Joint Base Lewis-McChord on a Friday night and thought I was in the middle of a UFC Fan Expo. And I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that not one of those guys could throw a switch kick, or counter a basic double leg, or maintain an appropriate range against a fighter with a reach advantage. Also, don’t forget the OPSEC.”

Many military personnel are not pleased. Specialist Frank Alvarado, who is assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, said, “This is bullshit. I wear Tapout because it’s an expression of who I am. I’m a soldier, but I also train UFC.”

Miller said that the working group will be sent out to identify other possible OPSEC concerns, such as skin-tight Under Armour workout shirts worn at bars and restaurants, high-and-tight haircuts, and civilian wives so overweight they make the passenger side of the couple’s Honda Civic dip when they get in.

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We had no idea. Worst we see in our zone is Ed Hardy.

Not A Hateful Personal Attack

From Forbes, Henry Miller requests that Vice-President Biden undergo a check-up from the neck-up. Nothing wrong w/ that, right?
Biden should submit to a thorough neurological and psychiatric examination, with special attention to whether he is experiencing “transient ischemic attacks” – marked by impaired blood flow to the brain – small strokes, seizures, or suffers from a brain tumor.  After all, we often demand to know whether a candidate has recovered from open-heart surgery, cancer or a stroke, and many states require elderly drivers to be re-licensed.

Aren’t the vice-president’s highest-level security clearance and his influence on public policy as important as the ability to drive a car?

An exam by an expert offers an assessment of cognitive abilities, memory and quality of thought processes.  It includes assessments of alertness; speech; behavior; awareness of environment; mood; affect; rationality of thought processes; appropriateness of thought content (presence of delusions, hallucinations, or phobias); memory; ability to perform simple calculations; judgement (“If you found a letter on the ground in front of a mailbox, what would you do with it?”); and abstract reasoning.

Don’t voters have a right to know whether Biden is ill or merely unlikeable, impulsive and prone to deceitfulness?

Henry I. Miller, a physician, is the Robert Wesson Fellow in Scientific Philosophy and Public Policy at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.
It would indeed be irresponsible not to speculate ad nauseum about whether he's a jerk or a crazy jerk. And sure, once we're finished w/ physician Miller, why not talk to Biden?

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Total Romney Package

Because even the host of Goofball is right once in a while.

Bringing The War Back Home

Channel surfing, & on HLN (formerly CNN's Headline News Network, currently the home of America's Scold™ Nancy Grace) Jane Velez-Mitchell is leading a panel of rape victims discussing Rep. Rep. Akin's absurd statement on rape & conception.

Now all the real Americans too busy keeping up w/ Kardashians & missing white girls to know anything about politics are getting a good look at the misogyny of the religious right. Thanks, Todd, you stupid jerk.

Andrew Sullivan Stupid

Really, Andy? Still don't know the diff between selling shit & riding your bicycle?

USS Iowa Fantail

In the left background may be seen the Vincent Thomas Bridge whence jumped Hollywood film director Tony Scott.
No nylon hawsers in our day.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

From Mr. Fish

Too close to home, besides the gay Boy Scout stuff. Not that there's anything ...

Song Of This Wk.

Same lazy crap, 24/7.We need to hear last wk.'s song again.Do we earn points for consistency?

Idiotic Business Model

Small business: To mangle a metaphor, it's the backbone of the economic engine that makes America run. (Look at Chick-fil-A.)

So what are we to think of another Bob's Big Boy closing?
This particular Bob's has only been open for six years, but it's on the site of a Bob's Big Boy that operated from 1969 to 1995.
It was decided 11 yrs. later to reopen at the same failed location? Innovation: Making America great.

Roach Coach Re-Cap

Try To Understand

Deputy Dimbulb still unclear on the concept:
“Everybody is still trying to understand what happened,” Sgt. Matt Stringer of the St. Clair County Sheriffs Department said today.
Clear to us. (Oxygen, fuel, heat.) Maybe the deputy should have asked the reporter.
Someone poured a large amount of gasoline on the wood and her brother, Christopher Blewett, 27, invited her to light it.

The resulting explosion killed them both and injured four others, three of whom were hospitalized.
Exceptional American excessivism. Pour it on, losers! More!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Totally Closed BORDERS"

Grave-pissing (3:20)-ish.

Riddled W/ Zombies

Also Ann Althouse

From an odd thing that appeared un-summoned in the editorial in-box, an AP story.
MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin Republicans seem to have it all.

Native son Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney's running mate. Gov. Scott Walker is a national conservative hero after surviving a recall vote. Former Gov. Tommy Thompson is vying to capture an open Senate seat held for more than 50 years by Democrats. And Wisconsin's own Reince Priebus heads the Republican National Committee.

Now they're focusing on the crown jewel: delivering Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes for Romney. It won't be easy. Barack Obama cruised to victory by 14 points four years ago, and maintains a slight lead over Romney in polls. And Wisconsin hasn't gone for a Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Still, the fact that the goal is even plausible shows how much Wisconsin's politics have changed in the few years since GOP nominee John McCain was blown out here in 2008 and Democrats held control of the statehouse. Wisconsin has a long tradition of political moderation, but voters have become more conservative since the recession slammed the economy and government deficits rose. A group of rising GOP leaders has taken advantage with a message that relentlessly emphasized jobs and making government less costly.

[Yada yada yada AP-style.]
Professional Althouse-related courtesy.

More Murder Music

Enjoy your Sat. night, weekenders.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

After the shelters closed in mid-March 2008 we snagged ourself a sweet spot under "Sierra & Kailyn's Cockpit" & slept there for the next six mos.
Just southwest of the Federal Bldg.
On the yellow part, next to the "engines."
All the comforts.
Claustrophobic? Yes.
Front yard.

Friday, August 17, 2012

54º40' or Fight!

We would be remiss in our enforcement of cultural hegemony if we didn't make abso-fuggin'-lutely certain that our friends to the north of the world's longest more or less undefended border knew they have yet another source for localized news info & sideboob, Arianna's PuffHo North & Western.
I'm delighted to announce the launch of HuffPost Alberta, which will bring HuffPost's signature mix of news, blogging, community and social engagement to this western province. Through a combination of original reporting and comprehensive curation, HuffPost Alberta will put a spotlight on the full range of issues affecting those who call Alberta home -- from politics, food and environmental issues to income inequality and the province's vast energy industry.
Someone smells money; screw you B.C!
The launch comes at an exciting time for HuffPost Canada; today also marks the launch of HuffPost British Columbia.

'Phoning It In Fri.*


LACMTA Red Line Station,
Hollywood & Highland.

*Were originally going to go w/ "Perspectives" as the headline, but decided honesty is the best policy when being annoying.

It's The Humidity II

Forgotten Stab From The Past

Our man from meatspace Brick found an item he liked (That he wrote & e-mailed hisse'f but doesn't remember.) here.

Posse Comitatus Report

An America-hater who worked for the gov't. (Fascist!!) whines that no one paid him any attention when he was warning George W. Bushthat lesbian about domestic terrorists & -isms.
Since the DHS warning concerning the resurgence of right-wing extremism, 27 law enforcement officers have been shot (16 killed) by right-wing extremists. Over a dozen mosques have been burned with firebombs – likely attributed to individuals embracing Islamaphobic beliefs. In May 2009, an abortion doctor was murdered while attending church, two other assassination plots against abortion providers were thwarted during 2011 and a half-dozen women’s health clinics were attacked with explosive and incendiary devices over the past two years.

In January 2010, a tax resister deliberately crashed his small plane filled with a 50-gallon drum of gasoline into an IRS processing center in Austin, Texas; in January 2011, three incendiary bombs were mailed to government officials in Annapolis, Md., and Washington, D.C.; also, in January 2011, a backpack bomb was placed along a Martin Luther King Day parade route in Spokane, Wash.; and, during 2010-2012, there have been multiple plots to kill ethnic minorities, police and other government officials by militia extremists and white supremacists.

The Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wis., and the shooting of four sheriff’s deputies in St. Johns Parish, La., in August are only the latest manifestations of right-wing extremist violence in the U.S.  Yet, there have been no hearings on Capitol Hill about this issue. DHS still has only one analyst monitoring domestic terrorism. The federal government’s failure to recognize the domestic terrorism threat tells me there will assuredly be more attacks to come.
A larger picture of "insurrectionism." More murder in Wisconsin. And the alleged perp in the St. John the Baptist Parish ambushes.
Joekel’s run-ins with police were nothing new. He was wanted by authorities in both Nebraska and Kansas since at least August 2011.

The website of the Gage County Sheriff’s Office in Nebraska listed him as a fugitive, saying he fled the area after being involved in a bizarre incident that took place in both states and involved him making “terroristic threats toward law enforcement and other individuals.”
Freedom of speech! Freedom of guns!! Politer society!!! DIE, PIG!!!!

Keep This In Mind All Wknd.

You are fucked you-know-where (sideways/sidewise). Twice.
Although the piece doesn't address this question, it's good from time to time to step back and acknowledge that the fate of our nation basically rests with some of the least informed among us, and the system is designed to maximize their power.
Aren't we exceptional?

Friday Lunch Meat Music

Too clammy to sleep past 0900. We understand that in some parts of the world it is time for lunch. Eat this.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Not much, but it's a start.Toward the eventual death of capitalism & capitalists. Property is theft: Reduce property values.

This nation will not be free until the evictors live & work in fear.

Dead 35 Yrs. Now

Elvis Presley, among many, many others.
Presley takes it badly; it is his money, he says, and he can do with it what he likes. ‘I’m getting out of here,’ he shouts. Without telling anyone where he is going, he flies from Memphis to Washington, from Washington to Dallas, then on to Los Angeles, where he has arranged to be met by his new driver, an Englishman called Gerald Peters.

He then takes the next flight back to Washington. In flight, he writes the following letter:

Dear Mr President,
First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Elvis Presley and admire you and Have Great Respect for your office. I talked to Vice President Agnew in Palm Springs three weeks ago and expressed my concern for our country. The Drug Culture, the Hippie Elements, the SDS, Black Panthers, etc. do not consider me as their enemy or as they call it The Establishment. I call it America and I love it. Sir I can and will be of any service that I can to help the country out …

He asks to be made a Federal Agent at Large. ‘First and foremost I am an entertainer but all I need is the Federal credentials.’ He has, he adds, pursued ‘an in depth study of Drug Abuse and Communist brainwashing techniques … I would love to meet you just to say hello if you’re not too busy.’ On another piece of paper, marked ‘Private and Confidential’, he lists his various phone numbers.
Hoo boy. Another conserva-celeb. Who died on his toilet as a result of prescription drug abuse. But loooooved America.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How'd He Guess?

In response to a previous item (which consisted almost entirely of this:)mock was made:
Murfyn said ...
Why blame the band? Maybe there was an evangelist up there protesting General Mills.
Ah ha ha ha, wait ... Who's sorry now?
A Twin Cities man who staged a fiery protest outside General Mills headquarters in Golden Valley last week has died of a heart attack, his family and its minister said Wednesday.

Michael L. Leisner, 65, of Andover, gained national media attention for setting a box of Cheerios on fire outside the cerealmaker's corporate offices Aug. 5 in a one-person protest of the company's support for same-sex marriage.

Leisner posted a video of his act online, with it showing him scrambling to stomp out the flames before he hurriedly instructs his off-camera friends to get in a car. The video made its way onto cable TV's "The Daily Show" and "Chelsea Lately."

Leisner died Saturday while waiting in his car for his sons to finish playing tennis, said the Rev. Dwight Denyes, senior pastor at Emmanuel Christian Center in Spring Lake Park.

The family said in a statement that the two sons found Leisner in his car and not breathing. He was taken to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids and died "of a massive heart attack," the statement said.

Denyes said that while he didn't know Leisner well, what the nation saw in the protest video "doesn't accurately reflect who he was as an individual. He was a very loving and caring father of his four children, a loving husband and he seemed to get along with other people."
Which is precisely why G-d wanted him in heaven at His right hand, lighting Cheerios, instead of disturbing the peace on Earth.In the future, everyone will be the butt of Internet humor for 15 mins. & then they'll die.

Tensions Rise As War Criminals Honored

Not Bush or Cheney yet; convicted & executed war criminals.
A war veteran leads others clad in costumes of
the Imperial Japanese Army during a visit to Yasukuni Shrine
to pray for war victims in Tokyo on August 15, 2012.
(AFP Photo/Toru Yamanaka)

Toys For Tots

Not necessarily dumbing down, but infantilizing:
Google claims you’ll enjoy holding its tablet, reading books on it and playing games, because the size is better for all of those things. Of course that means watching movies is a diminished experience.*

How about writing? Or creating a podcast? How about building a website or putting together a serious photo portfolio?

People don’t want computers that do anything anymore because people don’t want to do anything anymore.

The worker drones will always have their spreadsheet generators, but when they come home they want something deliberately too simple to run Excel.

And that means their kids won’t have access to the computing software and hardware necessary to create things beyond sophisticated finger paintings. And the nation will slowly get dumber and collapse in on itself. Meanwhile the country that builds nearly all of these devices, China, is pumping out spaceships and people smart enough to build them. Oh well. We can import those people, and use their math skills to put a rover on Mars as long as Beijing keeps buying enough of our debt to finance the project.

*We did not spend many dollars for a large high-definition television (& added monthly money for cable service)  so we can pay Netflix even more each month to watch crummy movies on an insanely expensive toy w/ a postage stamp-sized screen while dropping a load. Yet millions of Americans, already so fucking stupid you can't dumb anything down any further for them, have. You deserve what you get, suckers.

Jack In The Pants

If I Only Had A Gun ...

Note that it takes thirty mins. for the heat (even in Texas) to stop someone w/ "mental difficulties" & a stockpile o' weapons.
"The minute I saw the TV I knew it was him," said Weaver. "I've been that worried about him."

Caffall opened fire from inside his single-family home, according to Rigo Cisneros, 40, who witnessed the shooting from across the street. Cisneros, an Army medic and Afghanistan veteran, saw police exchanging gunfire with Caffall, who remained within the house. Caffall was shot several times by officers who stormed the house after a shootout that lasted roughly 30 minutes, Cisneros said.


A Facebook page belonging to Caffall features several photos of assault rifles, including a Czech-made version of the AK-47. On the page, Caffall identified himself as divorced, with “Christian” religious beliefs. He lists a series of snipers, including Carlos Hathcock and Vasily Zaytsev, as "inspirational people."

“I am pulling a cross between Forrest Gump and Jack Kerouac (without the drugs),” Caffall wrote on the site. “I'm on the road, permanently.”

Caffall commented on Facebook about several recent gun purchases, including a vintage Russian rifle. “I just got a new toy,” he wrote in May 2011. “I’ll be at the gun range as much as I can.”

Weaver, his mother, said she had been estranged from her son over the past several months. She said he had not visited her after she became seriously ill.

"We are just devastated,” Weaver said. “He's been very deeply troubled."

She added that she was horrified at the loss of life. "If you're going to commit suicide, why take all these other people with you?" she said.

In an interview with KPRC, a local television station, Caffall’s stepfather, Richard Weaver, said Caffall was a “ticking time bomb” who quit his job nine months ago and vowed never to work again.

"He was crazy as hell,"
Weaver said. "At one point, we were afraid that he was going to come up here and do something to his mother and me."
People just don't get it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Explained also in excruciatingly broad terms.

Another Brick In The Wall

You'll need one to beat yourself senseless w/ after reading too young to know any better "left" libertarian whatever Dave Weigel on "prog rock". Or it may take part two (THERE IS A SECOND PART? NO!!) before you beg for the sweet release of death by fiery meteor. Even starving in the post-meteor permafrost.

Funny that "prog" rock is such a reactionary form.


Haven't tried it; one of these days, now that we know where we can get some.
O Canada! O Québec!
Across the street, spirits at the 7-Eleven®!
Occupying the rest of the block, the structure that was the Borders Books Movies Music + Cafe where we worked until we ... uh, 2002.
Still plenty of room in there.
Just to gloat:
As sales decreased annually beginning in 2006, with the company losing as much as a billion dollars over the next four years, executives sought more changes. Soon, we were told to wear only khakis, tattoos would need to be covered, no piercings could be visible, and shirts had to be tucked in and contain no offensive language. The DVD section expanded, the literature section shrank.

Shortly after the release of the Borders Rewards Card, we were all given headsets, which would enable us to “communicate more efficiently.” The changes came in an ugly wave: the clothing, the loyalty card, the headsets.


Think about this: One of the assistant managers once told me that when he began at Borders, nearly 20 years before I was hired, the store gave a Book Test to potential employees. You were asked what books you were currently reading, what your favorite book was and why, and even given a multiple-choice test on where books would be shelved. You had to be someone who loved books in order to get hired.

The headset is why Melanie quit. She said what we all thought: It was degrading and ridiculous. Our store was tiny. The store’s opposite corners could be walked to and fro in less than 30 seconds. I’m still proud of Melanie for quitting – something I couldn’t do. I shamefully wore the headset into which I spoke, “Please bring out more Harry Potter,” each day.
When we were hired (Early 1998 & boy were they desperate.) it was down to the "multiple-choice test on where books would be shelved." Someone asked something about books/lit-ra-chure in general & us, but nothing more specific.

Land Gulls

Some distance inland.


Turns out that not only do we hate this fucking world of shit & pain & virtually all who occupy it & make it that way, we hate it all so fucking much we are about to explode!

Explode like 170 over 80 or something. And don't think you won't be hit by fragments when it blows its stack.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Calling All Prots!!

First-ever major American party ticket w/o a Protestant: Good idea, or damnation to hell by an angry G-d? Either way, shows you have to be a cultist to get far in Republicanism. And this affront to Jesus comes on top of the Supreme Court being strictly mackerel-snapper/kosher.

Get off our lawn, ethnics!!

UPDATE: Other irrelevant Prezi-data from legal eagles. No crackersSoutherners on the major tickets this go-round. Which may explain our dull point.

Hey, Aren't States People Too?

From Soros Central (This is only the most obviously inane of the six sad sack seventeenthers listed):
Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock: Mourdock, who defeated incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) in a GOP primary after campaigning on a platform of refusing to compromise with Democrats, suggested at a campaign event last February that senate elections should be abolished because “the House of Representatives was there to represent the people. The Senate was there to represent the states.”
And the President is President of the United States, not some "Peoples Republic," right, so the states, in the form of the Senate, should probably be electing the President. Don't you think?

One A Wk. Now?

Posted on August 13, 2012 at 1:11 PM
Updated today at 2:23 PM
COLLEGE STATION - A Brazos County constable was killed in a shooting that injured others near the Texas A&M University campus Monday afternoon, according to a source with the county.

Police said the suspect, who was taken into custody, was firing shots from a house near the campus across from the football stadium Kyle Field. The identity and conditions of those injured are not yet known.

An employee with Brazos County said the shooting occurred during an eviction of a residence. The employee said Brian Bachmann, 41, was fatally injured while the eviction was under way. He was been a certified peace officer since 1992 and a Brazos County sheriff's deputy since 1993. He currently served as the constable for Precinct 1.

The school's emergency website issued a "Code Maroon" alert around 12:29 p.m., telling students and staff to avoid the area near the 200 block of Fidelity Drive. At 12:44 p.m. school officials said College Station police took a shooter into custody.
We note from the WFAA site that it's 101°F in Dallas. College Station is currently a balmy 98°F w/ a chance of a thunderstorm & a high of 100°F promised.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Burn Palm Tree Burn

Why doesn't this happen when we're noshing at Canter's? Or when we're at Mr. Pizza itself?Context:
It looks like the local hip hop group Odd Future overdid it during a promotion for a song whose lyrics include the phrase
"Kill People Burn Shit Fuck School."
These new media people, always focusing on the tawdry & sensational.

But Enough About Us ...

Via TBogg, we are reminded of this fuckwad, who was this reporter's professor of Frog when he was in the middle part of being "a middle and senior high school French language teacher." Other accomplishments?
Intrigued with politics, Dunn left the teaching profession in 1970, when he was elected Chairman of the King County Republican Party. He served in that position for 6 years, and in 1976 he was elected as the GOP National Committeeman for the state of Washington. He ultimately rose to be a Vice-Chairman of the Republican National Committee, before finally resigning his various Party positions in 1983 and becoming a securities broker.
Oh, & ...
In September of 2004, Dunn completed a 40-year odyssey when he harvested a male Alaskan Brown Bear on Baranof Island in S.E. Alaska and completed what has become known in hunting circles as the North American Super Slam: the taking of all 28 huntable big-game animals recognized by the Pope & Young Club. Although six other bowhunters had managed to accomplish that feat prior to Dunn, he was the first to complete the Super Slam barebow --- meaning no pins, no sights, or other aiming devices. In short, his arrows were guided only by instinct.
Nugent, ecstatic that veepinee Paul Ryan has bowhunted, reminds us that grocery stores are for P.C. weaklings:
“This kind of discipline is just what America needs in leadership and I know it appears to be a huge leap from what some consider recreational activities,” he said. “Paul and I could go to the grocery store if we wanted to, but we have chosen this original primal pursuit of game with a self-limiting weapon. And that says volumes for what drives this man to do the right thing in spite of political correctness.”
As if Paul Fucking Ryan feeds his famb'ly from his bow-hunting kills. Christ, what an ...

Thanks to Blogger™, we can get this essentially-random-encounter-w/-a-killer-weasel anecdote out of our system w/o boring the TBogg commentariat. And yes, Mr. Dunn went on about bow-hunting & his politics during French class. We can also mention that bowhunting is hardly the sport of We, The People.

The Old Get Old, & They Go On Longer

And longer & ...
When my family moved to the San Fernando Valley from the East Coast, in 1965, my mother told the realtor she wanted an older home. The oldest they could find was a 1950s ranch-style house in Studio City.
There you have it. Also, the agony of white flight:
By 1976, when I was eight years old, my parents realized it was cheaper to buy a house in a better school district than to keep sending three kids to private school. Beverly Hills had good public schools and Spanish-style homes from the ’20s. They settled on a Spanish-style house at 438 S. Rodeo Drive, south of Olympic Boulevard, and, not long after buying it, took us to see it. It didn’t look 1920s. There were white shag carpets, sliding glass doors, and heavy gold paint everywhere. And no pool! What were they thinking?


Today, I live in East Hollywood, and, as much as I loved growing up in Beverly Hills, I can’t imagine ever living there again. The Westside feels different to me now. There’s more traffic, more attitude. Besides, I’m nostalgic by nature, and no one wants to be with the woman who says, “Oh, that’s where Camp Beverly Hills used to be.”
East Hollywood covers a lot of territory. Some of the flatter parts could pass for gritty.
Hope she doesn't really live in Los Feliz, or the hills of East Ho.

Run Ryan Out Of Congress Too!

G.O.P. Drag Queens

Somehow, when the authoritarians on the Right search for icons of manly warrior power to venerate, they find only those who like to melodramatically play-act as such, but who ran away when it came time to actually perform. Indeed, such figures dress themselves up with extra-flamboyant trappings of faux Toughness for the same reason female impersonators have long favored over-the-top feminine costumes and gaudy make-up: the more one lacks an attribute which one wishes to project, the more extreme one must be in pretending.

P(r)ick Of The Wk.

Who else?

Mr. Ryan

Politico has an interesting background piece on Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) which includes an anecdote showing his "keen sense of how his status had changed once he won his first election to the House in 1998."

A reporter he knew from his days as a congressional aide approached him to wish him well.

"Congratulations, Paul," said the reporter, who was several years older than Ryan.

"It's Mr. Ryan, now," he replied.
No surprise. Is there anything else any one needs to know about this colossal jerk?

(Same shit at Whiskey Fire.)

In Re: Ryan Running

Does it really make a dime's worth of difference?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are We Sure The DoD
Invented The Internet?

One must wonder.
Cable run to & from hell.
Dial 'phone?
17-inch (43+ cm.) steel door.

Luxury Accomadations

20th century Skype™/magicJack™.

Wild In The Streets?

We went several blks. down this st., but found no indication whatsoever of children (or adults) see-sawing (or teeter-tottering, depending on your region) in said st.

Friday, August 10, 2012