Tuesday, July 12, 2022

"Unhinged": Near Fistfight Among White House Loons & Crooks

‘Unhinged’: The White House meeting that preceded Trump's ‘will be wild’ tweet   —  Late on a Friday night about six weeks after Donald Trump lost his reelection, a fistfight nearly broke out in the White House between the president's fired national security adviser and a top White House aide.
Maggie Haberman / New York Times:
Tears, Screaming and Insults: Inside an ‘Unhinged’ Meeting to Keep Trump in Power  —  Even by the standards of the Trump White House, a meeting on Dec. 18, 2020, that was highlighted Tuesday by the Jan. 6 committee was extreme.
What a shithole.

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Ebon Krieg said...

These crooks never change.
At least in Reagan's time they chose to forget things, but now they openly make it known their guilty by pleading the 5TH.