Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bugger Your Superstitions

You clowns scared that because there's less daily sunlight the sun is going away forever, so you're going to go down on your knees atoning? Fuck that noise. On your feet, clean, hydrated & fed.
How: For nearly 26 hours we “afflict our souls”* by avoiding the following five actions:
  • Eating or drinking (in case of need, see here and consult a medical professional and a rabbi)
  • Wearing leather shoes
  • Applying lotions or creams
  • Washing or bathing
  • Engaging in conjugal relations
You fools need someone to explain the tides to you as well?
*65 hideous yrs. of bare existence in this world of shit & pain has afflicted my apparently-damned-for-eternity soul quite enough, thank you. (Still can't believe these masochistic idiots.)

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