Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Mr. Empathy: No Blindos!

It is this reporter's sincere hope that this bastard's impending stroke leaves him even less able to care for himself than he already is for several yrs. (if not eternity) before the sweet release of death.
Trump mocks reporter with disability - CNN
“President Trump in the early 1980s asked an architect to remove Braille from planned residential elevators in Trump Tower in New York, saying blind people would not live there,” the Washington Post reports.

Barbara Res, a former vice president in charge of construction, made the allegation in a New York Daily News op-ed.

“According to Res’s account, an architect came to Trump’s office to show him designs for the interiors of residential elevator cabs in Trump Tower, which also hosts businesses. He noticed dots next to the buttons and asked what they were … Trump then told the architect to ‘get rid of it,’ and the architect resisted, saying doing so would be against the law.”

Said Trump: “Get rid of the fucking Braille. No blind people are going to live in Trump Tower. Just do it.”
[Political Wire]

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Feline Mama said...

Yea, totally incapacitated, but, fully aware of this. No one responding to his orders. Except a Nurse Ratched. No one to change his diapers, or, feed him (except baby food). Yum, cream spinach & strained carrots. Oh, & pain that he will constantly feel.