Saturday, September 29, 2018

Today In Seamanship

WED 29 SEP 1943
During a sweep to destroy Japanese barge traffic north of Kolombangara, destroyers Patterson (DD-392) and McCalla (DD-488) are damaged in collision, 07°36'S, 157°12'E.

Submarine Bluefish (SS-222) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Akashi Maru, 06°11'S, 126°00'E (see 25 September 1943).

Submarine Gudgeon (SS-212) damages Japanese gunboat Santo Maru off Saipan, 15°28'N, 145°57'E. Transport Kenryu Maru tows the gunboat into Saipan.

Off Salerno, Italy, tank landing craft LCT-342 sinks after running aground; LCT-537, LCT-553, LCT-556, LCT-583, LCT-603, LCT-605, LCT-606, LCT-614, LCT-616, LCT-618, LCT-621, and LCT-626 are all damaged when gale strands them off Salerno's south beaches.

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