Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Message To The iNternet

Politicalprof tells the damn truth about videos (& podcasts*):

Dear internet “news” people:

I can read much, much faster than your video plays … much less loads. Please just post the story and allow me to read it. You’ll get your click, and I’ll get to decide if it was worth my time. I imagine we’ll both be happier, too.

Thank you in advance for ignoring this request.
Of course this only applies to those of us who are literate. Now let's all laff & laff at people who can't read. Morons.
*I've been contemplating taking my deep (& manly) bass voice & starting a podcast, but I realized it would consist of me repeating the phrase "I will slit your fucking throats, you sonsabitches!" to infinity; as usual, why even bother?

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