Saturday, September 8, 2018

"Work" Is Bullshit:
Stop It, Right Now!

And how brain-washed by wage-slavery are you fucking chumps?
For his part, Graeber insists that there’s no value in working for the sake of just working. That often gives the impression that anyone who does want to work for work’s sake must be a bit of a sucker and that the compulsion to work is a manifestation of false consciousness or, worse, stupidity. He thus glosses over the strongly felt benefits, be they professional, social, or psychological, that many people get from their jobs. If Graeber’s unscientific assertions about bullshit jobs feel vital, urgent, and intuitively true, his dismissals of work’s inherent value—not moral, but social—feel incomplete.
Alas, the typist reveals herself to be just as brain-dead as any other wage-slave when she swallows crap like "inherent social value". This society itself is rancid bullshit, & anything it values is, a priori, crap. If you feel compelled to work, work at killing yourself, 'cause you're stealing my oxygen to increase your boss's profits, pig!

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