Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sad News: M.B. Has Passed

76-yr. old Marty Balin, né Martyn Jerel Buchwald, that is. Who'd you think?
Always liked this one, in large part due to Balin's voice.
"It's No Secret" - Jefferson Airplane
The Airplane was always the best of the '60s San Francisco bands. (Surrealistic Pillow was the first slab of vinyl for which I shelled out my own hard-stolen moolah.) 'Though it's fair to note there was little local competition beyond the Dreadful Grate.

M.B. wrote this one as well, & it happens to be another of this reporter's faves, in large part due to the bass line; better exemplified here, but I've never heard this one before.
"Plastic Fantastic Lover" - Jefferson Airplane
Mr. Balin died in Tampa, Florida. We hope it was quick.

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