Saturday, September 22, 2018

"Activist Mommy" Wants "War"
W/ "Degenerates"

It's a mental health issue for this reporter: If he hears one more of these twisted creeps spewing such idiotic crap he's going to lose what little remains of his already-addled mind & declare war on one of these toads himself.
Elizabeth Johnston, a right-wing activist better known as the “Activist Mommy,” spoke at the Values Voter Summit today, where she asserted that sex ed programs in public schools are promoting illegal “obscenity” and must be shut down because they are part of a grand “war on our children.”

“They are obscenity, legal obscenity,” Johnston declared. “That should not be allowed. This is pandering obscenity to minors.”

After praising a recent successful effort to shut down a Drag Queen Story Hour in Illinois, Johnston called on right-wing activists to “get aggressive” and to ready themselves to wage war.

“It is past time for us, guys, to get aggressive about protecting our children’s innocence,” she said. “Conservatives have been playing much too nice with these degenerates. This is war. This is war on our children.”
[Directly & entirely from Right Wing Witch Watch.]
The Dictators - "Teengenerate"

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