Saturday, September 15, 2018

Action Off Salerno

WED 15 SEP 1943
Fleet Air Wing 17 (Commodore Thomas S. Combs) is established in Brisbane, Australia, for operations in southwestern Pacific area.

Destroyer Saufley (DD-465) and PBY (VP 23) sinks Japanese submarine RO 101 100 miles east of San Cristobal, Solomons, 10°57'S, 163°56'E.

Submarine Haddock (SS-231) sinks Japanese collier Sansei Maru north of Truk, 09°32'N, 150°38'E.

German planes bomb Allied shipping off Salerno. U.S. freighter James W. Marshall is damaged by glide bomb; two tank landing craft (LCT) alongside catch fire, and the resultant blaze compels the abandonment of the freighter. Thirteen of the ship's merchant complement perish as do 50 Army stevedores working cargo. Amphibious command ship Biscayne (AVP-11) provides aid for many survivors. Liberty ship William Bradford is strafed by German planes; there are no casualties among the freighter's merchant or Armed Guard complements. LCT-241 is sunk by aerial bomb; LCT-209 is destroyed when freighter Bushrod Washington explodes when the uncontrolled fires (started the previous day when the ship suffers a direct bomb hit) reach the 500-pound bombs stowed forward; LCT-19 is sunk by rocket bomb.

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