Friday, September 28, 2018

Cisco Sunk

TUE 28 SEP 1943
Submarine Cisco (SS-290) is sunk, probably by Japanese naval aircraft (954th Kokutai) and gunboat Karatsu (ex-U.S.-river gunboat Luzon (PR-7)) in Sulu Sea, off Panay Island, 09°47'N, 121°44'E. [On her first patrol.]

Submarine Grouper (SS-214) lands men and supplies on south coast of New Britain.

Submarine Gudgeon (SS-212) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Taian Maru, 15°22'N, 145°38'E. Minelayer No.2 Fumi Maru (which Gudgeon had engaged on 16 September 1943), counterattacks, but does not damage the submarine as Gudgeon and No.2 Fumi Maru encounter each other for the second time.

Japanese minelayer Hoko is sunk by aircraft off New Britain.

Salvage vessel Brant (ARS-32) is damaged when she is accidentally rammed by British landing craft HMS LCF 16 during a gale in the Gulf of Salerno, Italy.

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