Thursday, September 20, 2018

Frederick Douglass
'is being recognized more and more'

MON 20 SEP 1943
Covered lighter YF-579 sinks off San Francisco, California.

Submarine Haddock (SS-231) damages Japanese fleet tanker Notoro east of the Palaus, 07°23'N, 150°11'E; auxiliary submarine chaser Takunan Maru conducts fruitless search for Haddock.

Submarine S-28 (SS-133) sinks Japanese gunboat Katsura Maru 165 miles southwest of Paramushiro, Kuriles, 49°05'N, 151°45'E.

Repair ship Hayase is sunk by Chinese aircraft, Ch'iu-Chiang, Yangtze River, China.

U.S. freighter William Pepperell is again attacked by German submarine U-260, but with the same result as two days before. Again, there are no casualties and the ship ultimately reaches port under her own power.

German submarine U-238 attacks New York-bound convoy ON 202, torpedoing U.S. freighters Frederick Douglass, 57°03'N, 28°08'W, and Theodore Dwight Weld, 57°03'N, 28°12'W. British rescue ship Rathlin rescues all hands (40-men merchant complement, 29-man Armed Guard, and one female stowaway) from Frederick Douglass, which remains afloat until finished off later the same day by U-645. Theodore Dwight Weld sinks so quickly that 20 of the 42-man merchant complement and 13 of the 28-man Armed Guard perish. Rathlin rescues the survivors.

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