Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bonefish, No Bonefish?

SAT 25 SEP 1943
Tank landing ship LST-167 is damaged by dive bomber off Vella Lavella, Solomons, 07°45'S, 156°30'E.

Submarine Bluefish (SS-222) damages Japanese merchant cargo ship Akashi Maru, 06°23'S, 118°55'E, and escapes counterattack by escorting auxiliary minesweeper Wa 4 (see 29 September 1943).

Submarines Bowfin (SS-287), Billfish (SS-286), and Bonefish (SS-223) attack Japanese convoy; Bowfin sinks tanker Kirishima Maru 220 nautical miles north of Nha Trang, French Indochina, 09°50'N, 112°03'E.
Sinking of the Kirishima Maru. From the link below.
None of the other attacks prove successful, and the enemy ships continue their passage to Manila.

Minesweeper Skill (AM-115) is sunk by German submarine U-593 in the Gulf of Salerno, 40°19.5'N, 14°35.5'E. Sister ship Speed (AM-116) rescues the few survivors, screened by Seer (AM-112). Pilot (AM-104) conducts a followup search for survivors without success.
The Case of the Missing Submarine:
On 25 September Bowfin sighted USS Billfish (SS-286) and together they performed a submerged attack on a large convoy. Of the five ships assigned to her for this attack, Bowfin sank a cargo ship and a tanker, and set another tanker alight. The next day Bowfin continued to follow the remaining ships in the convoy, however the gap between the convoy and Bowfin grew periodically throughout the day and they were not able to make any attacks. On 27 September Bowfin attempted an attack on an island steamer but the torpedoes failed to hit their marks, and one failed to leave the tube when fired.

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