Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Mine Morbidity

SUN 12 SEP 1943
Tank landing ship LST-455 is damaged by dive bomber, eastern New Guinea area, 08°59'S, 149°10'E.

Tug Navajo (AT-64), towing gasoline barge YOG-42, is sunk by Japanese submarine I-39, 150 miles east of Espiritu Santo.

Submarine Permit (SS-178) damages Japanese aircraft transport Fujikawa Maru, 08°23'N, 165°12'E.

U.S. freighter William B. Travis is damaged (most likely by mine) about 25 miles north of Bizerte, Tunisia, 37°17'N, 10°30'E, but reaches port under her own power. While there are no casualties among the 47-man merchant complement or the 27-man Armed Guard, one of the 41 passengers perishes in the explosion.
Here's some trivia: Woody Guthrie was aboard the Travis, fighting the fascists as a messman/dish washer.

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