Monday, September 24, 2018

Warheads ... "Detach Upon Impact"

FRI 24 SEP 1943
Submarine Cabrilla (SS-288) attacks Japanese carrier Taiyo, escort carrier Chuyo, and destroyer Shimakaze northwest of Chichi Jima, torpedoing Taiyo at 28°00'N, 146°10'E. Chuyo tows the disabled carrier to Yokosuka. Taiyo is saved from worse damage because two of the three torpedo warheads that hit the ship (of the six fired by Cabrilla) detach upon impact.

USAAF B-24 sinks small Japanese cargo vessel Shonan Maru off Mussau Island, 00°27'S, 147°43'E.

Indian Ocean
U.S. freighter Elias Howe is torpedoed and sunk by Japanese submarine I-10 about 75 miles southeast of Aden, 11°40'N, 44°35'E. Subsequently, British seaplanes rescue one boatload of survivors and those on board two rafts; British trawler HMS Aiglon rescues the remainder. Two of the 42-man merchant complement are killed in the initial explosion; the 18-man Armed Guard survives intact.

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