Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Xmas, 60 Yrs. Ago Today

Friday and Smith search for a missing boy. The first sign that the case is serious is when blood is found. Further probing reveals the boy's parents had purchased him a .22-caliber rifle for Christmas -- and the weapon is missing, removed from its wrapped package.Public Domain. Original air date December 18, 1952.
IRONY ALERT (1910PST 18 December 2012): Ho ho ho, this was scheduled several wks. ago (w/ absolutedly no idea of then-future events) as soon as we noticed the morbid Xmas theme & that today would be the anniversary of its first airdate. Still haven't watched it, but we'll bet it's not entirely disconnected from the current situation.

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Weird Dave said...

TV sure has changed in 60 years.