Thursday, December 13, 2012

Making Us Sick

Roll Call calls it the "obstinate factor." An elected cracker-ass fuckhead from Jaw-juh expresses it a bit more colorfully.
Rep. Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia, a staunch conservative who sits on the Republican Steering Committee that made the decision to remove the lawmakers, said he became increasingly angry while listening to the discussion and ended up providing the most detailed defense yet for the decisions.

“I couldn’t help but kind of speak up for the steering committee and the leadership,” he told CQ Roll Call in a phone interview after the meeting.

“What I tried to explain to them was, it didn’t have anything to do with your voting record, a scorecard, your work across the street or anything else. It had to do with your ability to work within the system and to try to work. And to be, I guess, constructive in things. And I said, ‘I guess you could say it was an asshole factor,’” Westmoreland said. “Now I wasn’t calling any member in particular an asshole, I was just trying to describe an environment where some people that you’re trying to work with, they just don’t want to work within the system.”
No surprise, you don't need the DSM to diagnose most of these jerks, but it's a fine reason to play one of the most important two minute & eight second songs of the second half of the 20th century.Even shorter:Fucking creeps.


Weird Dave said...

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Weird Dave said...

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