Friday, December 28, 2012

Lost In The City Of Light/Night

(Now, text to break up the all-photo format. Not much, but some.)

Granted, most of the objets d'art appear uninteresting & the text we're about to reproduce is a load of arty/pseudo-aesthetic codswallopcrap (Not to mention the tee vee program tie-in - See? Everyone, Frog or no, is out of ideas.) but in the next 30 days we should be able to drag our fleshy & other baggage to this mess for no reasons other than proximity & free admission. Now stand back, 'cause here it comes!
LOST (in LA) is an exhibition and an innovative dialogue between LA artists and French artists. It reproduces the quintessential Los Angeles experience of being lost in the heart of this metropolis. Layers of time and space appear to be interlaced together atop a hill hidden in the middle of the city.

LOST – one of the influential TV series of this decade – is considered by many artists as a source of inspiration as well as disappointment, as it struggles to deliver a true formal link that would connect the different layers of time and space. The exhibition comes from the desire expressed by artists to create this formal link. On this hill located between the Hollywood sign, Venice Beach, South Central and Downtown LA, these different layers of time and space intercept, connect, disconnect and reconnect again.

Despite this fragmentation, we move around the space, guided by the works themselves, sometimes through their dialogue and at other times through disaccord. While they all try to develop their own “black box,” they strive to become transitive works, able to generate a multi-layered net of connections with their surroundings.

The works of art reposition themselves in a larger field – the exhibition – ergo taking on new meanings. With its absurd and “pataphysical” desire to bring a formal contribution to the TV series, the exhibition LOST (in LA) in turn might find its place in a larger field and contribute to the definition of itself.
... ?

And an Internet video, but what doesn't have an Internet video?Being a bit of a Francophiliac fuckstick we'd already covered Froggy aesthetes looking askance at Los Angeles; about the time we found the above art talk the same flick came across the desktop (another pro vote here.) paired w/ this:which may be of interest.


Weird Dave said...

LOST – one of the influential TV series of this decade – is considered by many artists as a source of inspiration as well as disappointment..

Wow. Who knew?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

An art repo man is always intense.