Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Harbinger: It's, Like, All Shakespearean

Rick Moran's firm belief that a tide has turned in Michigan indicates how much trust we should put in his very serious take on events, the last four paragraphs of which we reproduce here.
And what was the diehard union activists' reaction to the tidal shift* in Michigan politics? Did they show any humility, any sense that they appreciated their circumstances?
Oddly, Rick seems more interested in humiliating unions than in businesses suddenly taking off when they're given liberty, freedom & opportunity. It's as if there were another agenda.
The numbers that I've shown suggest that they might have been humbled a little, but they weren't. Instead, they took to the streets like the brown shirts [Ahem! — Ed.] of a bygone era to force their will on the rest of us. These YouTube videos demonstrate their reaction better than anything that I could write: [Sic. We assume from the colon that videos were supposed to be here. We aren't going to embed them & make Moran look any less moronic. — Ed.]

At this moment, the only people who seem to be unable to come to grips with reality are the president, Democratic members of Congress, union workers, and other useful idiots. Unfortunately, they represent the majority of voters in this nation, and thanks to them, President Obama has four more years in office.
Isn't the reality that the majority of this nation is union workers, welfare bums & whores slutssingle women? And they & the other useful idiots won the election, which, we've heard, has consequences. At least when old Euro-descended people win.
Since the typical second term of a president is less successful than his first, can the nation survive four more years of Obama? That's questionable given the fact that his first term was a disaster, but only time will tell for sure. This much is certain, though: if you are smart, you will begin to prepare for some dark days ahead. The auto unions' reaction to changing conditions in Michigan may be a harbinger of things to come.
Another changing Michigan condition is that the legislature won't have enough reactionaries & ruling-class lick-spittles to pass such a bill in the next session. We do appreciate that Mr. Moran is afraid of people defending their economic interests & that he may get a punch in the mouth in the dark days ahead, & is probably stockpiling gold & ammo as we type. Let's American-think: Who'd win a class war?
*The tide goes out, the tide comes in. Who can explain it? Michigan results: BHO 2,564,569, WMR 2,115,256.


mikey said...

I hope he's stockpiling weapons and gold. I'll enjoy taking it from him. And when I step over his rapidly cooling corpse I'll stop for a moment and reflect on the wages of stupidity, and how valuable an ability to perceive the world as it actually is can be...

Glennis said...

"And what was the diehard union activists' reaction to the tidal shift* in Michigan politics? "

You mean the tidal shift that turned the Republicans out in 2012?