Friday, December 14, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time — BLAM! POW!! RAT-A-TAT-TAT!!!

Well. Sleep in 'til 1130PST & anything can happen. Too soon to discuss? According to MSNBC, Presidential Press Secretary Carney (From the James Brady Press Room, ha ha ha.) has already said today is a day to "focus" the victims, not on "policy" or some such crap. The Prez himself scheduled to speak in about 15 mins.; will he have the intestinal fortitude to mention America's little problem? It's possible that, 18 children under 10 being among the victims, this may shock people more than the deaths of two people over 40 in a mall, although we suppose it will take dead fetuses before certain reactionary elements react to this in any way beyond "Don't politicize this tragedy!"

Sounds as if the family is at fault here, as the shooter was going after his mother. From personal experience, we always blame the parents: Stop nagging your children, assholes, it never ends well!

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Weird Dave said...

Well at least it's still true that you are much more likely to be shot by someone you know than someone you don't know.