Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The War On Customers

An Xmas e-card to you from corporate America:

FedEx Overcharged Customers for Years, Sealed E-Mail Says

While, of course, underpaying their employees. All the employees they couldn't cheat by calling them "independent contractors."

At last, the RICO laws applied to a corporate criminal.
“I have brought this to attention of many people over the past five or six years, including more than one managing director, and no action has been taken to address it,” Alan Elam wrote in an e-mail on Aug. 2, 2011. “My belief is that we are choosing not to fix this issue because it is worth so much money to FedEx,” Elam said in a separate e-mail that day.

The e-mails were unsealed yesterday in a class-action, or group, lawsuit claiming FedEx Corp. and FedEx Corporate Services Inc. overcharged commercial and government customers as much as $3 each for millions of packages delivered. The plaintiffs, who claim violations of federal civil racketeering laws, seek three times the amount of the alleged overcharges in their lawsuit.
Triple damages nothing, blood can not flow in the streets soon enough for us. Preferably the blood these leeches suck from workers every day.
From left: Fred Smith, CEO and chairman, FedEx; Paul Walsh, CEO, Diageo;
Shirley Jackson, president, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute;
Gary Loveman, CEO, Harrah's Entertainment; Judith Estrin, CEO, JLabs;
John Edwardson, CEO, CDW; Steven Loranger, CEO, ITT;
Joshua Smith, chairman, Coaching Group; Peter Willmott, CEO, Willmott Services;
Jim Barksdale, chairman, Barksdale Management.
Board member J.R. Hyde III, chairman, GTX, not pictured.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Thank Dog I stopped paying their bills a long time ago.

I just open a new account, charge it up, then ignore the bills. It's like Columbia House!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Also, these scum-sucking leeches are letting Republicans talk about closing the USPS, when they use the US Mail to deliver to customers who live too far out in bumfuck to make it economical for them to deliver. Fucking moochers.

Weird Dave said...

FedEx Overcharged Customers for Years

I would expect nothing less from our corporate overlords.