Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gawd, Gubmint & Guns

From the people who killed Newsweek, yet another compare & contrast. First, miserable excuse Michael Medved sticks w/ what he knows: Being holier-than-thou.
The problem isn’t religious conservatives and their abiding faith in God; it’s mainstream liberals and their blind confidence in government.
We're quite sure there's a significant difference between "abiding faith" & "blind confidence" & that Mr. Medved will make it clear at the first possible chance. Maybe after he's finished w/ that cancer cure he's working on.
Consider the current dispute over the right response to gun violence. At its core, this argument comes down to a visceral disagreement between relying on self-defense or on government protection. Gun-rights enthusiasts insist that the best security for law-abiding citizens comes from placing formidable firearms into their hands; gun-control advocates believe we can protect the public far more effectively by taking guns away from as many Americans as possible. In other words, conservatives want to address the threat of gun violence by giving individuals more power while liberals seek to improve the situation by concentrating more power in the hands of the government. The right preaches self-reliance while the left places its trust in the higher power of government.
Now contrast w/ those who wholeheartedly believe what M.M. was saying, & the formidable firearms he'd place in their hands:
Pastor Paul Revere doesn’t recognize the authority of the State of Oregon, the United States of America, or anyone else that presumes to have some command over him. He answers only to God. “We believe there’s only one sovereign,” Revere told The Daily Beast. “And it isn’t us. Jesus said to render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render to God that which is God’s.”
If you love freedom, liberty, self-reliance & every other pathetic fascist platitude you'll sho' nuff want these freaks to have the most formidable firearms possible.
They are “sovereign citizens,” inspired by any number of complicated and cockamamie theories that all draw the same conclusion: we are not subject to your “laws.” And they are becoming an increasing headache for cops, public defenders, prosecutors, bailiffs, and judges all over the U.S., because when they inevitably land in court for driving without a license or failing to pay taxes, they clog up the system with reams of nonsensical paperwork. Their obfuscatory filings are so inundating that harried prosecutors often drop the charges against them—a victory for the sovereigns’ otherwise quixotic cause.

Sometimes the battles get bloody long before they see a courtroom, too. In 2010, 16-year-old sovereign Joseph Kane gunned down two police officers in West Memphis, Ark., after a routine traffic stop. The boy killed the officers with an AK-47 after his dad, 45-year-old sovereign Jerry Kane, got into a scuffle with one of the cops attempting to frisk him. Both Kanes were killed later that day in a shootout with police. Since 2000, “lone-offender sovereign-citizen extremists have killed six law enforcement officers,” according to the FBI.

Revere doesn’t advocate such violence*, but his website, where he explains that “grownups have been tricked into obeying the laws of humbugs, rather than the laws of God,” is chock-full of admonitions about why and how best to disobey such humbugs, even as it will surely land his followers in jail.

“If you have given your allegiance to Jesus Christ, and you live your beliefs, you will go to jail,” he writes. “It is inevitable because the world will hate you.”
Keep whining, Pastor Revere; everybody loves a martyr.

And Mr. Medved should hope there's gummint around to protect him when these citizens decide to follow orders from their vengeful God about what to do w/ the people who killed Jesus Christ.
*We don't advocate violence either, but if you touch us we'll break your fucking arm.

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We don't advocate violence either, but if you touch us we'll break your fucking arm.

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