Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Well, That's That, Then

Megan McAwful responds to those silly people who think Ross Douthat is a he-man woman hater:
This shouldn't need saying, but apparently it does: those who say that this is not a real problem, just something that Douthat made up because he thinks that wives should be barricaded in the kitchen until they've birthed at least a basketball team, are just wrong. They're wrong because, well, if you've mett [sic] Ross's wife, you know they're just wrong, is all. But that's a sidenote.
We assume that McMegan has "mett" the woman she knows as "Ross's wife," whatever the hell her name was. It gets worse & stupider, w/ the usual pleas for growth & more population, but don't waste your time.

One nut picked from the "swarthy people are no damn good & letting them immigrate to the U.S. can not end well" comments:
Birth Dearth? Just look at the life style choices people make in our pagan society everyday.

Rising incidence of Homosexuality.

1.3 million abortions per annum.

Single parent households ill equipped to have more than one kid.

The answers are staring you in the face. The harsh truth is that A culture of death is not procreative.
Uh, what were the questions you think you were answering again?


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

they are opposed to the culture of death?

So then they will be joining us in demanding the de-militarization of domestic police, strict regulation of firearms, abolition of tasers, and the de-funding of the Pentagon then?

Weird Dave said...

No, no, no zombie, it's not he culture of death they're opposed to, it's the death of their culture.