Thursday, December 20, 2012

Public Apology

Please pardon the hell out of us for not responding to comments & even e-mails in a timely manner of late. Don't think we don't appreciate all you unemployed bums taking the time from your empty days to leave your idle musings here, but there's just so much telebision to watch, & it's been aggravated by the addition of several more high-definition channels to the local line-up. All hail TimeWarnerCable!

Also have been stocking up on ammo & polishing, cleaning, lubricating & otherwise preparing our weapons, just in case some son-of-a-bitch in Washington, D.C. tries to cut our fucking insurance payments &/or housing subsidy. BRING. IT. ON!

(Note to self: OK. Minimum daily requirement of one item for today done, & at least one scheduled daily through the 26th. Tahiti vacation, here we come. Bye-bye, suckahs!)


Weird Dave said...

Hey, if you want to watch TV, do drugs, and go to Tahiti rather than respond to every tweet, twit, and twat that's your business.

On a practical note though, what kind of lube are you using?

mikey said...

Gunslick and Hoppes Number 9, of course.

I'd buy an air freshener that smelled like Hoppes.

Smells like home....

M. Bouffant said...

Added a Link Editor:
Hopped up on meds, not drugs.
Med. A) May cause dizzines/drowsiness when combined w/ alcohol.

When we were a gun owner we sho' nuff used Hoppe's. Are there any other brands?

Merry Xmas for mikey. (Did you know this? Or did they steal your idea?)

Weird Dave said...

By the way, and for the record, I consider myself to fall into the 'twit' category.

However, thanks for the suggestions. I believe Big Five will have an ample supply because, apparently, shooting things is one of the big five.

M. Bouffant said...

Give a Gun for Christmas Editor:
Big5 is where we get our weapons. Otherwise you have to go to some creepy bunker in the Valley where all the staff are armed & talking shit, yada.