Friday, December 14, 2012

We're All Going To Die!!

Via LAist, Jessica P. Ogilvie warns:
Angelenos, another storm is brewing for the weekend, so bust out the blankets and the fur coats because shit is about to dip down into the 50s.

That's right! The National Weather Service reports that not only is it going to start drizzling tonight (whattup, winter?!), temperatures will get down and stay down below 60 degrees. Tonight might also bring -- wait for it! -- SNOW to the grapevine area of I-5.

The rain will reportedly stay mostly on the coastal areas, and move out of the area by tomorrow. But! In addition to this weekend, it looks like storm patterns are going to stick around through the middle of next week.
Hokey Smokes! Definitely will be sporting pants tonight, may even close the windows.


mikey said...

I threw snowballs at big rigs on the grapevine once. They approach the summit at, like, eight miles an hour, so you can aim right at the cab.

Big fun...

jim said...