Friday, December 14, 2012

Two-Faced Tucker

Tucker Carlson's Daily Killer would like a word w/ you:
The DPMS Tac2 combines the longer gas system of a rifle with the shorter barrel of a carbine to make a strong case for the AR platform’s adaptability.
Check the specs: This is not a weapon designed for hunting, unless you have to take out 10 or 20 exceptionally dangerous deer at once, rapid-fire style. It is designed for murder.

Also, a Twit compendium:
Liberal reporters, elected officials, pundits and Hollywood entertainers are blaming the National Rifle Association, calling for gun control and expressing no apologies for being political immediately in the wake of the Connecticut elementary school shooting on Friday
Imagine that. Who should be apologizing to whom, gun merchant Carlson? Is it still too soon to "be political" about the Clackamas shooting? When is the time, Tucker?

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