Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Future

Will We Forget Newtown’s Kids?

Above headline at last made us link these two tabs-open-for-an-Internet-eternity items. Subject? No one gives sweet fuck all about "the children."
It seems as if every major interest has political clout – except children. They can’t vote. They don’t make major campaign donations. They can’t hire fleets of lobbyists.


Their parents and grandparents care, of course, as do many other private citizens. But we’re no match for the entrenched interests that dominate American politics.
This real-world illustration of America eating its young may be worth a click & a glance.
[S]chools use the correctional system as a misplaced mechanism for discipline, with children being sent to detention facilities for offenses as minor as wearing the wrong color socks to school. A juvenile county chief judge testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday that these are not isolated incidents, but rather systemic trends that bombard prosecutors and courts with a glut of cases in which kids pose no danger but merely “make adults mad”
This kind of thing makes us think it probably is a good idea to arm students.

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