Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's Not Totalitarian If WE Do it!

Every so often we encounter something that fills us w/ the burning hate of yada yada & a sincere desire to slap someone silly, kick him in his no doubt atrophied gonads & simultaneously stab him in the liver or heart.

One such inspirational waste of human DNA & oxygen would be a pile of crap who types for that ridiculous Examiner thing. Specifically:
Kyle [Rogers] is a Conservative activist in South Carolina. He co-organized the 2006 Greenville, SC rally against the Lindsey Graham/Ted Kennedy sponsored amnesty bill. More than 1,000 people attended. The event helped launch the SC Tea Party movement. He has organized numerous other conservative protests and events as well.
And what's made usually calm & reserved us so rip-snortin' mad? The last paragraph of an idiotic screed is what.
Despite requests by a multitude of media outlets, Bob Costas and NBC have refused to make any comments about the incident.

Using sporting events to deliver political propaganda goes back to ancient Rome, and is typically used by totalitarian regimes. The practice was revived, with great success, by the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and Communist China.
We suppose that makes these United Snakes a successful totalitarian state as well. Example: Counting medals at the Olympics. But don't believe us; take the DoD's word for it.

NFL Continues Military Partnership at Super Bowl

By Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Carden
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Feb. 2, 2011 – From Air Force fighter jet flyovers to Army parachutists dropping in at halftime, the U.S. military and the National Football League have shared more than 40 years of Super Bowl history.

Joint-Service Color Guard Marches into NFL Season Opener

By Staff Sgt. Carmen Maldonado, USA
Special to American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11, 2003 – Operation Tribute to Freedom teamed up with the National Football League to honor the nation's military forces during the season-opening game here between the Washington Redskins and the New York Jets, Sept. 4.

A joint-service color guard from the Military District of Washington displayed a rainbow of patriotic colors at FedEx Field in front of more than 85,000 fans during the playing of the national anthem. The pregame and halftime activities were dedicated to all the military personnel fighting the global war on terrorism.

The service members of the color guard -- featuring three representatives each from the Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps -- stood proudly and solemnly as a giant American flag, shaped like the United States, was unfurled on the field behind them. The spectators, enthralled in a patriotic frenzy, cheered on along with the Redskins cheerleaders, who lined up in front of the color guard teams.
The National Football League will continue its long history of honoring veterans and active duty members of the military with its annual Salute to Service campaign. For every point scored during the NFL's 32 designated Salute to Service games, the league will donate $100 to each of its three core, military non-profit partners -- Pat Tillman Foundation, USO and the Wounded Warrior Project®(WWP).

The Salute to Service campaign, which began during the Kansas City Chiefs-San Diego Chargers game on NFL Network, is designed to unify and elevate the extensive military appreciation work of the NFL and its clubs. Throughout November, teams will designate one home game to honor the military. During these games, teams will display a number of Salute to Service-branded elements in stadiums, with the majority in and around the end zone in order to highlight the league's new donation program tied to scoring. Branded elements include goal post wraps, pylons with camouflage ribbon decals, wall banners and the words Salute to Service written in the back of the end zone.

Additional on field elements featuring camouflage include ribbon lapel pins, Gatorade towels, Nike and Under Armour gloves for players, captain's patches and camouflage ribbon footballs used during every play. Game used items will be collected following Salute to Service games and auctioned on NFL Auction (nfl.com/auction), with 100 percent of net proceeds donated to the league's three core military non profit partners.
Much more where the above came from. Search for "military" at nfl.com, or "football" at the DoD site.

First American Forces Press Service link from David Sirota, who covers the who can & who can't speak question.

Luckily for Kyle Rogers, boy asshole, he lives across this objectively fascist nation in (Surprise, surprise!) South Carolina, the state described as too small to be a republic but too large to be an insane asylum, as we have no plans ever to travel there, not even to thrash him like the rented mule he is.


Glennis said...

I suppose, during one of these magnificent NFL tributes to patriotism, the half-time festivities could also include a stylized, choreographed balleto-color guard routine wherein the drum major shoots the majorette in the head, to celebrate the Second Amendment.

This fucking shit makes me sick.

Weird Dave said...

Remind me again, what song do they sing during the seventh inning stretch?

Substance McGravitas said...

I think they sing about basketball on an aircraft carrier.