Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Factoids: A Day Late

91.99X or so seems long enough, but Dave Brubeck still had plans for the wknd.
Brubeck was en route to an appointment with his cardiologist when he was stricken Wednesday morning, said his longtime manager-producer-conductor, Russell Gloyd. The pianist died of heart failure at Norwalk Hospital, in Norwalk, Conn., near his home in Wilton, Conn.

Brubeck was anticipating a birthday concert Thursday, when he would have turned 92. The performance will go on, but in the form of a tribute, in Waterbury, Conn.
Dave Brubeck作曲。スヌーピーの月旅行から。 Mostly for the cover art.
Ramsey Lewis, meanwhile, still alive. He reminisces. Brubeck reminisces three yrs. ago.This should be enough for now.UPDATE (1425PST 6 December 2012): The moment someone dies the vultures appear to remove previously-ignored videos. Eff them & their "property rights!"


Glennis said...


My husband's dad, long departed, knew Mr. Brubeck.


mikey said...

I never "got" jazz at all, much preferring saccharine anthemic power ballads with lots of guitars n shit, but I understand this fellah was an important figure in American music, so I understand the anguish at his passing. When you record a song in 1950 and they're still playing it in 2012 it must be something that works for a lot of people...