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Double Standard Dep't.: We Can Still Impeach Clinton!

One wing-nut on whom a goatee would work. (Or at least hide.)
Photo frame probably from this amusing item.

Confederate Yankee muses, based on a report/study/yada from someone claiming that some of the Waco victims were suffocated by CS gas:
President William Jefferson Clinton signed off on a plan that he knew would cause innocent babies and children to suffer the effects of CS gas... in fact, the entire plan hinged upon their torture and suffering.

Someone please explain to me why Clinton should not be brought up on felony charges and spend the rest of his life in prison for agreeing to a plan that counted on the torture of 25 innocent infants and children. Convince me that he shouldn't face the death penalty for those that suffocated to death because of his decision.

Clinton had the audacity to try to tell us Sunday to be wary of another Timothy McVeigh. Evil bastard that he was, McVeigh's plan didn't hinge on the torture and abuse of children. Bill Clinton's did.

His life should end in a federal prison.

Sadly, we all know that will never happen.
How sad indeed. Oddly, while Cornfed was drawing up his list of Clintonian atrocities, he made no mention of any complicity in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children under the sanctions that the Clinton Admin. applied to Iraq. Nor of George W. Bush & the deaths, displacement & so on of so many Iraqis. "Shock & Awe" & its resulting carnage, is not to be compared to "a plan that counted on the torture of 25 innocent children," of course. Perhaps the Yank is a Stalinist, & believes that after a certain number human deaths become mere statistics. 25 is much easier for some to wrap their heads around than millions. What other differences between the victims of these horrors could there be, that accounts for this appalling double standard? Think hard now.

The Senator John Sidney McCain III (R-AZ) (Cap't., USN - Ret'd.) Story

We might change "liberal" to liberal media saps in the last paragraph, had we written this (Fat chance of that.) which provides a brief run-down & explanation of Sid's career, on the off chance anyone still believed that McCain was whatever that maverick thing was supposed to mean in the first place. (Apparently those linked in the item did.)

Meanest paragraph:
As the presidential campaign showed once again, McCain’s actual acquiantance with the substance of any policy, especially domestic policy, was extremely sketchy and poor. During at least the last ten years he never adopted a domestic policy position because he had studied the issue carefully and determined that a certain kind of legislation made the most practical sense or was the best expression of certain guiding principles. He determined that the fastest way to get attention and to aggrandize himself was by breaking with his party in melodramatic fashion over issues that happened to appeal to mainstream media journalists and pundits. The latter played along because they liked what he was saying, and they wanted to reward a Republican politician for strongly disagreeing with his party. They helped McCain to invent the myth of his being a “maverick,” when he was really the most predictable establishment “centrist” on almost every important issue. It helped that he always frames his disagreements with others in the most obnoxious, moralizing way possible, so that he is always playing the heroic crusader against corruption and his opponents are tainted villains on the take.
How does a useless barnacle like Trey continue to be elected? Besides Cinderella's money, recent developments in the Great State Of AZ would indicate they don't think they need too many of their legislators to know what the hell they're doing.


Bring Your Own, Whiny Morons. Cheaper, Too.

Looks more like the Conformity Car. No wonder they lushed it up daily.
This "marketing executive from Westchester" (Lying, or walking cliché?) is probably one step from becoming a teabagger, his anxiety level's so high, but maybe running a website is keeping him sane. (Almost works for the editorial staff here.)
“It raises my anxiety level,” said Tom Skinner, a marketing executive from Westport and proprietor of BarCar.com, a Web site devoted to the steel-wheeled saloon. “There’s always people trying to scuttle the bar cars. It’s just a fact of life.”

Smoking was banned on the cars in the 1980s, much to riders’ chagrin, but the diehards fought back against any attempt to end liquor service. The most recent threat, in 2007, would have banned alcohol from being sold on the trains and on platforms at Grand Central and Pennsylvania Station, but an outcry prompted officials to reject the proposal.

Full-fledged bar cars — complete with lounge-style leather seating, cupholders and stools — have been phased out on the Long Island Rail Road (although bartending carts are occasionally wheeled onto rush-hour trains), and Metro-North trains to much of Westchester County and other points upstate no longer offer the amenity. (Even Ossining, home to Don Draper, is out of luck.)
No initiative from the Titans Of Marketing & other such useful & productive NYC activities. Figures. Less than 40 yrs. ago we were brown-bagging it on the airlines (Another liberty lost.) & these clowns can't ask for what's known in these parts as a "freeway bag?"

Not that we don't regret the loss of such amenities as bar cars. It's a grimmer world everyday, w/ the possible exception of dress codes.

From The Inbox

Oh, this will make these jerks much more popular. Especially w/their target audience, wrinkle-faced old honkies who are about to die, & probably while behind the proverbial wheel. At least there'll be enough insurance to pay funeral expenses for victims of vehicular manslaughter.

Theocracy On The March

Sarah Palin: The Founding Fathers Didn't Want Separation of Church and State

Greg Sargent fact-checked a Kentucky newspaper's claim that Sarah Palin said religion shouldn't be "separated" from state and found that the truth is "worse than you might have thought." Not only did Palin say faith and state shouldn't occupy separate realms, she appealed to the Founding Fathers in making her gramatically questionable claim. "I beg you, Women of Joy, to bring light and be involved, loving America and praying for her. Really, it is our solemn duty," Palin said to an audience at awomen's conference. "Praying for true spiritual awakening to overcome deterioration. That is where God wants us to be. Lest anyone try to convince you that God should be separated from the state, our Founding Fathers, they were believers. And George Washington, he saw faith in God as basic to life." Sargent is not amused. "This is substandard history," he says. "In reality, the separation of church and state, thanks in part to the efforts of those very same Founding Fathers, is enshrined in the Bill of Rights." Despite the fact that he has the Bill of Rights on his side, Sargent is a little dispirited. "There was a time when this sort of thing would provoke widespread media mockery," he sighs, "and perhaps even be seen as a potential disqualifier for the presidency."
Read original story in The Plum Line | Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheaters Never Prosper

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Tue, April 20, 2010 -- 7:37 AM ET
Goldman's Revenue and Earnings Top Forecast

Beset by charges of securities fraud, Goldman Sachs nevertheless showed Tuesday that it was still very good at what it does best: making money.

Earnings for the Wall Street giant rose 91 percent in the quarter, to $3.46 billion or $5.59 a share in the first quarter of 2010, while revenues increased 36 percent to $12.78 billion.

Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg had expected revenue of $11.05 billion and earnings of $4.14 a share.

Once again, the bank's bond, commodities and currency trading bolstered the results.

Read More:

Read even more.

Pronounced "Tacky's," We Assume

Guaranteed to generate nausea. Obviously the desired effect. We don't want to read it all ourself, but here's a quick sample:
A New York Post article recently pointed out 80 percent of firefighters are retiring on a disability pension (in 2008 it was 90 percent). “Disability” means they get their 100k a year tax-free and if they die, their spouses get the money until they die. As the Post points out, this usually runs the taxpayer about two million dollars per firefighter’s retired lifetime; not bad for getting paid to sleep for twenty years.
The asshole typing demonstrates (he thinks) why this is wrong:
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, firefighting is NOT an “extraordinarily dangerous job” at all. A mere six percent of fatal occupation injuries are Protective Service (police, firefighters, etc). The two most dangerous jobs in America are “transportation and material moving” at 26 percent and “construction and extraction” at 19 percent.
Dictionaries would be such a help to some people. Here, just for a start, we might be able to clarify the difference between being disabled & being dead.

Why firefighters might be disabled: Lugging around 80 to 100 lbs. of gear on the job, breathing toxic crap, wrassling w/ firehoses, falling through a half-burned floor & permanently screwing up one's back or knees, or anything the hell else that can disable someone w/o actually killing them. We suppose the typist would prefer being rescued by a 60 yr.-old firefighter w/ a bad back & crummy knees, who at least isn't "sleeping" on his dime, but couldn't pick his sorry ass up & drag him from the flames. Hope that wish comes true soon.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Guess Who?

In a religiosity thread (also featuring mikey) someone made a funny.

Also: Not worshiping any old bastard (Let alone his self-appointed representatives on this planet.) who lets his stenographers get away w/ that whole incoherent contradictory Bible mess.
Who does he think he is, Megan McArdle?

Eat It Raw, Haters!!

Note that brick-throwing advocate & disability leech Mike Vanderboegh is filled w/ love not for the children, but the grandchildren. Who no doubt like seeing Gramps & Granny making fools of themselves on the telebision. Have a nice day at school tomorrow, kids.

We'd somehow been unaware that gun ownership was a holy sacrament (Guns not being mentioned in the Bible might have been one reason for our sad ignorance.) but it seems to be a God-given natural right that not even an election can take away. (Covered under the First & Second Amendments, eh?) We hope law enforcement agencies across This Great Nation Of Ours™ are ready; they'll need a lot of pliers & crowbars to pry those guns out of some very cold fingers. (Ha ha: Joke. Don't these cretins even watch the telly? When a gun-toting Patriotcriminal is shot down, move one by the copper, whether the perp is dead or still bleeding to death, is to get the gat away from the poorer shot. They'll be separated from their guns a lot sooner than they like to pretend. No rigor mortis death grip as a final act of defiance. Just a lot of their blood.

Dog Bites Man, William Kristol Wants Destabilization

Well-known military strategist William ("Nepotism") Kristol, whose genius helped bring us the clusterfuck that is Iraq, & allowed his newer enemy, Iran, to dominate the Sunni portion of Iraq, has decided to share his geo-strategic knowledge & competence w/ us all, by pointing out that the Chair of the Joint Chiefs, a mere four-star admiral, doesn't know shit. Thank you, Mr. Kristol.*

We're naturally suspicious of the military mind (as opposed to the militaristic mindset of draft-dodger Bill) but this certainly indicates we should pay more attention to whatever Admiral Mullen may have to say.
*Not to be forgotten: Billy the K. getting off the NR cruise boat in Alaska & getting a stiffie at the mere sight of soon to be ex-AK Gov. Sarah Palin, resulting in her selection by John Sidney McCain III, The Maverick. We all remember how well that worked out, do we not?

Pix & Vid From Manly Yet Scared-Shitless Gun-Toters Near Washington, D.C.

Dozens, literally DOZENS OF PATRIOTS showed up w/ their manly weenies in hand, or slung over their shoulders, for the big, huge, gigantic "Intimidate America" rally near our nation's socialist-infested capital today.

We at Just Another Blog™ are so scared that these people will become violent that we will be voting for the most radical right-wing candidates we can find this November, just so these people don't get even angrier at a democracy that doesn't vote their way.
We don't know if the lard-assed witch above wears scrubs because she likes the loose look, but would be embarrassed to sport her pajamas in public, or if she actually works in some aspect of the medical industry. Either way, we don't want her or her shotgun near our body.

Carpool Mother W/ Tourette's Syndrome: "Buenos Aires or Bon Jour"?

Our Internet pal McGravy-tasse was kind enough to let the world see some of Sarah's stuff from a Canuck charity event. Here's the entire speech (if that's the word) for those who care.

Today, we get context from PuffHo & Mrs. David Frum, who is probably a secret lesbian or atheist, because she doesn't use her husband's name. (Or just embarrassed. Also, feminists, it's really your father's name, not yours. Screwed again, huh?)
The event was a charity fundraiser for inner-city Hamilton kids. My father and I attended as guests of the Toronto Sun newspaper, a sponsor of the event. Palin collected a fee somewhere between $100,000 to $200,000 (according to which press report you read) for a speech, book-signing, and VIP photo-session.
I think we all know charity begins at home. Not the homes of these inner-city kids (And stop calling young humans "kids." They are not goats, they are people!) but the home of the grifter.
We parked and joined a sea of guests dressed to the nines, as if for a wedding. Palin had issued elaborate advance rules: No jeans. No cameras or recording devices during the speech. (It was permitted to photograph her as she drifted through the lobby.) No questions from the media during the question and answer portion of the evening.


Before the program began, the dinner chair had warned the audience that nobody was to approach the dais uninvited. Again, I've never before attended a political dinner at which it was thought necessary to say such a thing out loud. (If anyone ever drunkenly worked up the courage to do so, a Reagan or Thatcher would be unfailingly gracious while a security guard swiftly intervened to escort the guest back to his or her seat.) And as the evening proceeded, a preselected few were escorted up by charity officials to say hello. But no one else dared to do so.

It might seem--may I say elitist?--for Palin to flinch from chatting or signing autographs. And it became apparent that this impulse wasn't, in the end, out of her desire to receive celebrity treatment a la Angelina Jolie or Alex Rodriguez (God forbid a random Joe Six Pack wearing jeans might actually approach her to ask for an autograph!): Clearly, Palin feared any unscripted or unmanaged engagement--and not for what the unscreened person might do or say, more out of her own insecurity about what she might do or say.


But as I was witnessing at this regional performance--far away from the ruthless Beltway critics, surrounded by friendly, polite Canadians paying to see her for goodness' sakes--she would not risk even a single random encounter. One of my tablemates was a reporter who had been awarded an "exclusive" interview with Palin before the dinner--part of the deal of the Sun's sponsorship of the event. Palin had given her 30 minutes, then just before the interview cut it back to 15, and then five minutes. Five minutes. Just enough time to have her photo taken and answer one question (which turned out to be the familiar, Are you running in 2012?). And even that question had to be submitted in advance.


Dinner speeches by politicians normally adhere to a few simple rules. The politician begins by thanking her hosts and any person in the room who might be insulted if overlooked. She follows with a couple of tested jokes. Then she speaks for approximately 20 minutes (this is key for a dinner-time speech, when the audience is tired), making no more than three key points. It's not rocket-science.

But Palin couldn't manage it. Her 45-minute speech rambled all over the place, from her challenges as a mother facing a teenage pregnancy and a Downs-syndrome baby to Todd's Iron Dog racing to the tea partiers to Alaska-Canada ties, wildlife, the Al-Can highway to God helping us take back this nation and stand up for small business, to common sense solutions, to Plato telling us to be nice to others, to gettin' our economy workin' again, to the importance of community, to ice hockey and the Olympics — in short, her familiar carpool-mother-with-Tourettes-syndrome.

It was hard to figure out whether she was working up some Christian motivational routine, or just kvetching about her poor treatment by the media, or trying to demonstrate her political cred by hitting the right "facts" about Canada-U.S. relations.

If you tried to parse it, you couldn't. There was not a single memorable line, not a single new political idea, not a single proffered solution beyond the cliché of "needing new solutions." And when the moderator "opened the floor to questions," guess what? Even those questions had to be written down by the tables and submitted in advance, to be selectively chosen by the moderator. Our table mischievously submitted, "Who is your favorite Canadian Prime Minister?" but for some reason it wasn't asked.
Let's hear it for freedom!! Freedom of Speech!! Rah rah rah!!!

Recreational Tea-Bagging

Led to these photos by this Roy guy at the village VOICE. RVs? We'd be interested to know just how many regular, typical, real Americans own RVs. We doubt if it's typical of people who still work & hold jobs.
Would all of you old & in the way people just get the hell out of our way? Thank you.

(Perhaps the no-longer-productive should be denied the vote entirely. They're just going to vote for more spending on themselves, & less on defense. See here for a start.)

UPDATE (@1821 on 19 April 2010): Susan of Texas commenting at the VOICE link above:
Now that we know most tea-baggers are older, well-off white men, we can understand their anger. If I had nothing to do but clean out the garage or wash the RV, I'd run off to watch Victoria Jackson stand on her head too.
And shell out $25 for parking. Maybe they are more affluent.

Guess Not

Talk is easy, especially when even having a gun doesn't make up for one's shortcomings in life & love.

Not having heard any reports about a first-person shooter videogame breaking out at Ft. Hunt, we'll assume these wretches copped out. Too bad. We had high hopes, but of course their gun-fetishism is merely the reverse side of their fear & cowardice.
An Oath Keeper's board member explained his group's decision to pull out of Almond's event April 12 to the Post.

"It had gotten to the point that it would be dangerous to attend," the Oath Keeper told the paper. "There are people out there willing to do anything to create chaos in an uncontrolled situation, and [the event] is wide open for disaster."

More idiots & several videos, also courtesy of TPM.

Very Late Sunday Color Comic Item: Boulders In Space!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Credibility Crisis & Some Schadenfreude

An evil presence hovering over this item & Catholicism.
Alright, we found this at awful Andy's blog. (We know, foolish consistency, but come on, Sullivan, is it that hard to face all of reality?)

Apologies aside, in the same vein as the Ed Kilgore Salon item quoted three items below, another powerful institution of repression & reaction may be at least beginning its end.
Pope Benedict has made worse just about everything that is wrong with the Roman Catholic Church and is directly responsible for engineering the global cover-up of child rape perpetrated by priests, according to this open letter to all Catholic bishops
Virtual commie Küng lists what a sack of crap Ratzi is, then we get the real fun. The roof is on fire & the cathedral's coming down around their ears:
You in particular, as bishops, have reason for deep sorrow: Tens of thousands of priests have resigned their office since the Second Vatican Council, for the most part because of the celibacy rule. Vocations to the priesthood, but also to religious orders, sisterhoods and lay brotherhoods are down – not just quantitatively but qualitatively. Resignation and frustration are spreading rapidly among both the clergy and the active laity. Many feel that they have been left in the lurch with their personal needs, and many are in deep distress over the state of the church. In many of your dioceses, it is the same story: increasingly empty churches, empty seminaries and empty rectories. In many countries, due to the lack of priests, more and more parishes are being merged, often against the will of their members, into ever larger “pastoral units,” in which the few surviving pastors are completely overtaxed. This is church reform in pretense rather than fact!
Couldn't happen to a nicer collection of man-boy love enthusiasts.

Suffering Andrew Sullivan

God is always a part of our lives, in the strangest places, where some refuse to see His presence. It is about grace through suffering.
Hey, Andrew Sullivan, why can't your punk-ass loser gawd do any more than provide "grace?" (A word which, we'd like to add, DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING IN THIS CONTEXT!!!) Would it be too much trouble for The Big Fucking Killer In The Sky to work on stopping the suffering, rather than merely (allegedly) providing "grace" to those who suffer?

Oh, calm down Malignant. Such crap, along w/ "mystery," "the gift of faith" (Quite a gift to the church's coffers, innit?) & their other meaningless phrases are how they get around the fact that all their humble prayers, burnt candles & you-name-it will make no difference at all in the world. Really, if gawd loved us, It wouldn't make our animal friends predecease us. Therefore, It hates us, & if It existed, we'd have to deny Its existence.

Hateful Leftist Anti-Neo-Nazi Violence In L.A. Wrapped Up

Here. And here, photos from Tom Andrews of laist.

A sad fact of life in Los Angeles: It can often be difficult to distinguish between Nazis & the LAPD. When the Nazis get visors for their helmets it'll be even harder.
More morons moving a Mustang.
Gratuitous baldilocks Babylonian.

The Future Is Then

Good look at GOP possibilities in 2012 from Ed Kilgore (Grain o'salt: He's a card-carrying Democrat.) in Salon.

Admit it, Republicans. This is a pretty weak field — and a perilous one. If anyone feels a sense of déjà vu, it’s because the field looks a lot like those of 1996 and 2008: some has-beens, some never-weres, some egomaniacs and some crazies. There may not even be a Bob Dole or a John McCain in this mix — the kind of candidate who can reassert adult control and at least lose gracefully in the general election.

So let Republicans enjoy their 2010 comeback. It was all but foreordained by the last two cycles, and by the very demographics that threaten the GOP in the long run. Allow them to celebrate their “fresh faces”; they'll have a lot of fine options for the vice-presidential nomination in 2012. But their 2012 prospects will go straight downhill starting on Nov. 3, 2010. That's when Republicans will have to start to deal with the consequences of their recent bout of self-indulgent destructiveness, when they'll begin choosing someone to take on Barack Obama not in press conferences or talking points or Tea Party protests, but in a presidential election.

As we typed somewhere, days or wks. ago, let the crazy bastards have the House next yr. Little imagination is required to foresee obstructional fuck-ups & greater loud-mouth idiocy if Republicans are in charge. W/ a bit more imagination we can see a stunning Republican defeat come 2012, & the final splintering of the right into absolute incoherence & paranoia, possibly even to the point that real Americans notice what a sorry collection they are. Can not wait. (May not happen.)

Global Warming Notes From All Over

Wood has owned the orchards since 1965 and can’t remember a spring this early.

“It’s not just a little bit the earliest, it’s the earliest by miles. I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said. “It’s not a little bit weird … its high weird.”

Northeast farmers aren’t the only ones worrying. The unusually warm weather also had some apple and cherry trees in Michigan blossoming about three weeks earlier than normal. Warm weather in February also led to an early bloom in cherry and pear orchards in the Northwest.

“The odds of having subfreezing temperatures are much greater right now than they would be in the first week of May when we would more typically be in bloom,” said Jon Clements, a fruit expert at University of Massachusetts Extension, who remains cautiously optimistic that the crop will survive without major damage.

If that is the case, the accelerated growing cycle could inevitably lead to an earlier harvest. Strawberries, peaches and early-season apples could be a week to 10 days earlier, Clements said, and juicy McIntosh apples may be ready for picking as early as Labor Day.

Read more.

TEA Party Nihilism

Sore Loser Dep't.:
Richard Gilbert, 72, retired Air Force officer and teacher, Aiken, S.C., independent

“Our system is bad. Every congressman and woman should step down, and we should start over. I don’t have respect for any congressperson, Republican or Democrat. The system is broken. I think Obama has potential, but we don’t want to be like Europe. Nothing can be accomplished until we get rid of the current mess and until there is some way of controlling Wall Street. We don’t need government to do everything for people.”
Ain't that the truth. Let's stop Dick's Medicare, Social Security, military/teacher retirement, VA benefits & so on, & see how loudly he squeals then. And, one might ask, how will we "control Wall Street" w/o a gov't. doing everything for us?
Richard Harris, 61, truck driver, St. Petersburg, Fla., independent

“I’m an extreme conservative. Government should do the military and the roads and just about nothing else. They foul everything up if they do. The private sector always does things better. I see less and less need for government. They call themselves my representatives, but basically they don’t represent me. They’re forever saying things like we need to reach across the aisle. Well, I don’t want you to reach across the aisle. The other side wants to control my life, overtax me and spend in insane ways.”
Sweet blood of Jeeziz, a fucking truck driver who wants the gummint to provide nothing but "the military" & (wait for it ...) ROADS!! Everything else, they foul up. Really?

Should anyone w/ such a lack of self-awareness be allowed to reproduce? We say no, & call for the sterilization of his offspring, assuming he was able to find a woman stupid enough to breed w/ him.

Local Eat The Rich Action

Mostly amusing because of the geographic specificity, we present comment #215 (Numbered comments? Fascism comes to the Internet!) from the Crooked Timber mocks Megan thread.
Tehanu 04.16.10 at 8:39 pm
Whereas I, middle-class lawyer that I am, know perfectly well that there’s a conservative elite as well, a very rich, very well connected conservative elite …
… that I have NO INTEREST in joining, because they would bore me to fucking death.
My dad, who was born to poor immigrants in the Chicago slums, was an elementary school teacher with 4 kids. I went to a public university on scholarship. Eventually my husband and I made enough that we could move to a pretty expensive neighborhood, Beverly Hills PO — city of LA, but with a BH zip code. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the neighbors — all college grads, accountants, lawyers, doctors, etc. — had only three topics of conversation: real estate prices; who was sleeping with whom; and how difficult it was to find housekeepers who would accept $50 for an eleven-hour day in an area with no bus service. I asked one of my neighbors once where the books were in his house; he said he had an old accounting textbook in the garage somewhere, and his wife proudly pointed to her stash of Danielle Steel novels.

We have no desire to eat these no doubt toxic morons. But where are the education camps? (In this case, reëducation camps would wrongly imply that such people learned anything on their first educational go-round.)

Apple Scruffs: Slate Sorts It Out

Does Apple Need To Get a Sense of Humor?

Apple says that if an app "ridicules public figures," it won't be allowed in iTunes. And that has made the life of political satirists particularly difficult. After animator Mark Fiore won the Pulitzer, the fact that Apple rejected his app back in December suddenly got a lot more press. And Apple asked the animator to resubmit it. Fiore wasn't the first cartoonist to run into problems with Apple's rules, and the company even changed its mind on two previous high-profile rejections. But the problems faced by Fiore showed how the company still hasn't figured out how to deal with political satirists. One MAD artist says Apple's rejection of these types of apps should be taken seriously, particularly considering that many are seeing the iPad as the future of media. "Apps for publications and newspaper content won't be very useful if it only lets us see stuff that Apple and Steve Jobs thinks we should see, and rejects things they don't like," Tom Richmond wrote.
Read original story in The Washington Post | Saturday, April 17, 2010
If, say, Just Another Blog™ were to go hardware w/one of these fucking two-way wrist radios, we wouldn't bring it near the public before there was a "mock your fucking ass, public or private figure" app on it.

Just A Note (From L.A.): We are working on an M1911A1 App. Still having a problem w/ the recoil, but we think we can use the accelerometer to solve that. BANG!!

And a comment:
I expect better from Steve "Dead Hobo's Liver" Jobs, but it's not as if there won't be a Google Android tablet on the shelves in six months.

White Trash & Jumper Cables

White supremacists, demonstrators square off in LA

As the rally ended, counter-protesters hurled rocks, branches and other items over the police line and into a parking lot where the white supremacists had left their cars.

Some members of the group had trouble starting a black Ford Mustang and attempted to hook up jumper cables to their engine. They protected themselves from the flying debris by holding up swastika-emblazoned shields.
The white supremacists eventually gave up and pushed their car away so they could jump-start it out of range of the projectiles.
That American iron may not have held up too well driving out from Detroit, huh Cletus?

Read more.

Nihil Wrap-Up From Eyjafjallajökull

Via Newshoggers, hope for a new dark age, to wit: "longer term consequences for public health, military operations and the world economy." Suffer & die, bastards.

Big picture, the possible future looks good for getting worse.
As well as becoming more frequent, eruptions seem to get more intense during the high-activity phases. A number of Iceland's most devastating eruptions – including that of the volcano Laki in 1783 that killed over half of Iceland's livestock and led to a famine that wiped out about a quarter of the human population – have occurred when the Atlantic rift system has been active. "If we are entering a more active phase, these bigger eruptions will become more likely," says Thordarson.

Judging by recent volcanic and earthquake activity, Thordarson and his colleagues believe that Iceland is entering its next active phase and estimate it will last for 60 years or so, peaking between 2030 and 2040.
More on volcanic influence on yada. And Icelandic.

Sunday! Sunday! U.S. Amphetamine Speedway! Sunday!

Where the hell would they run this? (Like Pauline Kael's friend, we don't know anyone who voted for PalinMcCain.)Despite the investment in flashy adverts, here's the big news, from Truth Wins Out.
The big news here is that radical cleric Lou Engle of The Call conceded, at the LGBT Agenda breakout session, that the next generation is largely supportive of LGBT rights. He claims that the far right has lost on this issue barring a miracle, such as an intercession at a 500,000 youth rally that Engle floated to the activists on-stage and in the audience. Matt Barber said they should privately discuss such a rally after the forum.

Good luck with that idea, considering the breakout session at the late Jerry Falwell’s university drew only fifteen people – two of whom were observers from progressive organizations. The rest of the crowd were hard core anti-gay activists from groups like PFOX.
Now reduced to hoping for massive prayer-fests. Where's that Gawd who so loves the worldhates the homos been hiding? Feeling forsaken?

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Who Designed This House? Smith & Wesson?"

Now busy watching the English dub of this crassic. Go away.

Dick Armey Protects "The Innocents From The Vicious & The Malicious"

We're getting a lot of funny (in a very sad way, of course) out of one item & a link therein.
“We’re apolitical and protest all protests in an unbiased manner. I’m actually pretty conservative,” Brian Mandel, a freshman at AU said, adding that he voted for McCain. “Most people think it’s funny.”

Another club member, T.J. Bollerman, said that even though he considered himself an environmentalist, his group was planning to attend climate change protests as well, toting signs saying that they wanted a “permanent summer vacation.”
Who's not laughing? An asshole:
Dick Armey, president of FreedomWorks and one of the organizers of the rally, decried the fake protesters.

“Of course we're concerned, we always want to protect the innocents from the vicious and the malicious,” he told the Beast. “You know the militant left, mean as they are, always attack defenseless people.* These people are not professional political operatives, they’re decent, concerned, peace-loving American citizens with no experience in the travails of political sabotage. If you have these professional thugs come in among them with the express purpose of making them out to be something they’re not, it’s an obscene gesture from the liberal establishment.”
Say what you will about evolutionary psychology, we think the desire to smack Mr. Armey in the face to insure he'll never make another statement like that is so deep-rooted as to be physiological, & completely understandable. Here's a gesture from the liberal establishment, you wretched piece of lobbyist shit.

Sarcasm: Not A Tool Of The Right, Sez Former Liberal

Oooh-oooh, also! Fighting communism three days a wk.!Man, pardon the cliché, but, ¿Quién es más loco?

"The 'Atmospherics'* ... Are Toxic"

Say what you will (We have.) about sexist pig (Though we'll grant that he hasn't told any female guest she's "beautiful, great to have you here," yada yada in the last few periods we can still remember.) & hair-from-a-Reagan-Democrat Democrat Chris "Tweety" Matthews, he has been on the T.P. people & their GOP enablers/encouragers recently (probably because there hasn't been much political horse-racing activity to keep Matthews' attention).And Ron Reagan, possibly testy 'cause he's been off the air for a while.

Sometimes (Who are we kidding? Often!) it writes itself, & no one could resist. Congressional cretin Aken is one incumbent who should be tossed out on his ear this November.And we should probably observe that Matthews has taken a page from Keith Olbermann & gotten into commentary. He's positively on fire w/ moderation & centrism! This one is not required viewing, but it's worth it for "Stalin-like purges now underway in the Republican Party" line he delivers at the beginning. Then you can stop it.) Is he scared to compare the purges to the Night of the Long Knives? We're sure MSNBC will have gavel-to-gavel coverage of the show trials & the Club for Growth-sponsored executions to follow. May we make a suggestion for the venue?

*Even worse than "optics" for appearance/perception. Just stop it, already.

Stop Being Black &/Or Liberal! You're Pissing Andy Off, & Now He's Going Back Down To The Basement To Drown His Sorrows & Tweet His Anger

This Wk. in Euphemism:
They were helped by a free-moving, peaceful crowd, in which it was easy to get to the very front of the stage.
In plain English, does Weigel mean the event was less than wall-to-wall w/ peaceful patriots?
And Benjy Sarlin located some more liberal crashers, capturing an exchange between them and irritated tea partyers [sic].
Some of the infiltrators were just apolitical jokers -- even if their humor was lost on the participants. A group of students from American University belonging to a club that mocks mass protests brandished signs reading “I Have A Sign,” “Down With King George,” and “No $ 4 Education I Don’t Want It.” The group was chased across the protest by a screaming, red-faced tea partier in a denim jacket who identified himself only as “Spider.”

“They’re interlopers!” Spider shrieked as the nervous youngsters tried to make their way to a police officer. “These people are not the tea party!”

After being pushed to the outskirts of the protests, the phony demonstrators told The Daily Beast they were terrified of Spider, who, they said, threatened to “kick their ass.”
The Daily Beast sub-head: "lefty troublemakers also infiltrated the march with political theater—pretending to fit in but propagating more extreme positions."

"Lefty" troublemakers? Those certainly were vicious, hateful signs, & worthy of every red-faced shriek, we're sure. Breitbart's really been pushing the "Your very existence fills us w/ righteous anger" approach.
How does "fishing-for-racism" work? Well, you need a pole, & for bait you'll need someone of the non-white persuasion to attract the racism. It's that simple. Living While Black is all that's necessary go racist-fishing. Not that the fish you're going to reel in are actually racist: After all, someone was walking around being Other right there in front of them, w/ his pole & everything.

As we've heard from various reactionary, pro-personal responsibility Congress members & so on, anger justifies everything. The passage (shoving/ramming down the throat) of a law angers people who express this by throwing bricks through windows; their anger justifies this. Hey, nobody likes the IRS; nothing, then, to crash a plane into a building & kill someone. So when these liberals & African-Americans go around being liberal &/or unwhite, Teabagger anger against liberal negritude is righteous & justified. Because being black/liberal/non-teabag is an affront to something & can not be allowed to stand.

And now not-racist Andrew Breitbart does some projecting w/ David Weigel:
"They needed it so badly," said Breitbart, "they wanted it so badly, that when they didn't get it they doubled down on their idiocy. It's not unlike the ACORN situation. They kept doubling down on their idiocy."
(See Breitbart's Twits for tripling down on idiocy.)
I asked whether Breitbart thought there was any racism at all in the movement, as I'd seen him confront Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily over the Internet journalist's conspiracy theories about Barack Obama's citizenship.

"If I felt that there was a strain of racism that was moving this in one way or the other, I would not put myself within a city mile of it," said Breitbart. "My career could not afford it. My self-respect, my sense of who I am, could not afford it. The people who come up to me who are black, who are Hispanic and hug me because me they know I'm fighting their fight, that it's the black, the Hispanic, the gay conservative that are attacked for the left for being sell-outs. It's a similar form of Alinsky. It's a similar form of critical theory on steroids."
Breitbart may not "feel" (a crime he so often accuses the left of, as any good projectionist should) there's a strain of racism in this movement, those caught in reason's web of evil might draw different conclusions. Feel the racism, Andy:
Tea Party supporters’ fierce animosity toward Washington, and the president in particular, is rooted in deep pessimism about the direction of the country and the conviction that the policies of the Obama administration are disproportionately directed at helping the poor rather than the middle class or the rich.

The overwhelming majority of supporters say Mr. Obama does not share the values most Americans live by and that he does not understand the problems of people like themselves. More than half say the policies of the administration favor the poor, and 25 percent think that the administration favors blacks over whites — compared with 11 percent of the general public.

They are more likely than the general public, and Republicans, to say that too much has been made of the problems facing black people.
Note to Andy: Spitting & epithet-shouting, & their siblings, hood-wearing & cross-burning, ugly as they are, are not the real problems w/ or of racism. Or is that some sort of "critical theory on steroids?"

Andy loves the superficial though, even as he wants to be perceived as deep, so we can't expect anything to get past his defenses: "My career could not afford it. My self-respect, my sense of who I am, could not afford it."

Again, check his Twits. If that's self-respect & a career, we're glad we have neither.

Randomly-related filler:

From The Other Side Of The Planet, Raw Video

We May Have Run This One Before. Now Ask Us If We Care.

Indignant? You Bet Your Sweet Ass I'm Indignant!

The training of Yugoslav pilots was interpreted as "Reds In Our Air Force," per the TIME of 8 December 1961.
An attractive Dallas housewife sees little of her neighbors these days. "I just don't have time for anything," says Mrs. Bert Shipp. "I'm fighting Communism three nights a week." In the Hollywood Hills, TV Commercial Producer Marvin Bryan spends his spare time working for the local Freedom Club, which is dedicated to opposing "compromisers" in local and national government and to smoking out liberals in the community. Says Bryan: "We don't want to coexist with these people. We don't want our children to play with their children." At a Freedom Forum meeting in Greenwich, Conn., 800 citizens recently paid $5 apiece to sit through a day of patriotic films, speeches on dialectical materialism and attacks on the U.S. State Department, federal income tax, philanthropic foundations and Harvard University. Questions to speakers were written out, explained Mrs. Charles Chapin, one of the meeting's sponsors, in order to screen those coming from Communists who might be in the audience.
This is related to the previously unknown (To us, & what do we know?) National Indignation Convention (We kid you not.) mentioned by Rick Perlstein in the NYT item we quoted somewhere in the mist below. We Googled it, only to find that others had done the same & then (as we have) typed about the Googling. Even as we realized what this meant we noticed a peculiar odor, & felt a bit light-headed. Then the room began spinning about us, & a voice called to us, as if from another room, or county & ...

The video includes Rev. B.J. Hargis.

T.P. Performance Art

Palate Cleanser for those sap enough to have listened to the other Jackson sister:Damn, we forgot how much that rocks. This one, not as much.

16 April

History. Birthdays.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grab-Ass At MoMA

Were they "asking for it?"
In a brief statement, the museum’s communications department stressed that untoward incidents have been few and far between during the run of what it described as a heavily trafficked show. MoMA, the statement added, is “well aware of the challenges posed by having nude performers in the galleries,” and “discussions took place between MoMA’s security staff and Marina Abramovic and the performers to ensure that the performers would be comfortable in the galleries at all times.”


Ms. Abramovic’s work, which often involves nudity and sitting, standing or lying down for long periods, has invited close encounters of all kinds at the MoMA exhibition. And the show has made fascinated spectators out of the performers themselves, who have generally enjoyed being part of it, despite undeniable challenges.

In addition to the gropers, there have been less extreme but still unnerving encounters. Mr. Rawls, for example, said that standing with his arms at his side he had felt more erections “across the back of my hand than I can count.”
Sounds as if they were.

Historical Perspective On "Overwhelming Historical Myopia"

Clio, the Muse of History, stands in a winged chariot representing the passage of time and records events as they occur. The car rests on a marble globe on which signs of the Zodiac are carved in relief. The chariot wheel is the face of the clock; its works are by Simon Willard. Carlo Franzoni Marble 1819 National Statuary Hall (Ha, the gummint paid for this faggy art crap, T.P.ers!)
Good one at Whiskey Fire. Led to this. Tea Bagging assholes
[a]s the Times’s new poll numbers amply confirm — especially the ones establishing that the Tea Partiers are overwhelming Republican or right-of-Republican — [...] are the same angry, ill-informed, overwhelmingly white, crypto-corporate paranoiacs that accompany every ascendancy of liberalism within U.S. government.

“When was the last time you saw such a spontaneous eruption of conservative grass-roots anger, coast to coast?” asked the professional conservative L. Brent Bozell III recently. The answer, of course, is: in 1993. And 1977. And 1961. And so on.


The same “spontaneous eruption” of folks never before engaged in politics. (“I just don’t have time for anything,” a housewife told a news magazine. “I’m fighting Communism three nights a week.”) The same blithely narcissistic presumption that the vast majority of Americans (or, at least, “ordinary Americans”) must already agree with them, and incredulity that anyone might not grasp the depth of the peril.
We're breathing a bit easier already.

There's more, all good (this is just from the first contributor, as usual we haven't gotten to the rest) but The NYT needs the clicks, & copying the whole thing would be a pain.

Cleanliness Is Next To Allergy

Keeping Clean Could Be Bad for Your Health
A Canadian allergist believes dramatic improvements in hygiene are to blame for a dramatic upturn in allergy rates in Western countries.
Read original story in Science Daily | Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doing our part: Just took our first shower since Friday. We've always known Western Civilization & its values were wrong.

Philosopher'sNihilist's Corner

Via alicublog, we find the guy who may have been the first to articulate what turns out to be our philosophy as well:
Negative emotions, he insisted, are true and real, while positive feelings are intrinsically hypocritical.
Fuck you sideways w/ a splintered broomstick, world of positive hypocrites!!

Infiltrators (Infil-TRAITORS?)

However the hell many T.P.ers showed in Beantown yesterday, we can whack a few off the numbers. See here.

Imagine "Taxman" Playing

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Still Has Nothing To Do W/ Race: It's About Being A Race Traitor

Reprinted in toto from TAPPED.
Question Of The Day.
Matt Duss catches David Goldman at Human Events asking a really important question: Does shtupping Muslim men make you love Islam and hate America?
I’ve been screaming about this for more than two years: Obama is the loyal son of a left-wing anthropologist mother who sought to expiate her white guilt by going to bed with Muslim Third World men. He is a Third World anthropologist studying us, learning our culture and our customs the better to neutralize what he considers to be a malignant American influence in world affairs.
Maybe people can't hear Goldman from outside the padded room, I dunno. The idea that Obama's mother was in loving, committed relationships with both of these men never crosses Goldman's mind. The only relevant fact about them that matters is that they are "Muslim Third World Men," and Ann Dunham's intimacy with them can be based on nothing else.

John Podheretz and Peter Wehner argue that whether or not Obama's mother slept with men who weren't white is incidental to the fact that Obama hates America, but Michael Ledeen thinks it's a valid subject for discussion:
The character of our president is an important matter. I think both John and David have tried to illuminate it, but I wish John had taken more time with his latest tirade, gotten the facts right, and focused his considerable talent on the serious matters that rightly concern us.
Apparently being attracted to people outside of your own race reflects not just on the character of the parents, but on their children who have no choice in the matter. This kind of racial determinism seems like a lateral movement from the days when conservatives were debating whether or not interracial sex made you love communism. Again, there's a sort of mystical power accorded the phalluses of nonwhite men here that begs some serious psychological analysis from a qualified professional.

Why don't black people vote Republican again?

-- A. Serwer

Iced Tea, Motherfucker!

Bill O'Reilly comes through again for traditional values.

We'll Bet These Are Funny, Except For The Frightening Ones

The NYT asked Tea Partiers to share what's on their minds. (Nothing in their minds, but there may be something on their minds.)

We Thought None Of These Rough, Tough Real Americans Needed Any Help W/ Anything, Ever

Perhaps not so much.

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Wed, April 14, 2010 -- 6:30 PM ET
Poll Finds Tea Party Anger Rooted in Issues of Class

The fierce animosity that Tea Party supporters harbor toward Washington and President Obama in particular is rooted in deep pessimism about the direction of the country and the conviction that the policies of the Obama administration are disproportionately directed at helping the poor rather than the middle class or the rich, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

Read More:

Nothin', Y'Hear? Nothin'!!

Sing Out & Folkways? Nothing!

We assume one doesn't play videos in unsafe areas, like work, but there are a naughty word or two involved. Discretion before clicking is advised.

There's So Many Of You! [Repeat 8x]

Maternal Deaths Decline Sharply Across the Globe
For the first time in decades, there has been a significant drop worldwide in deaths from pregnancy and childbirth.
More of you horrid creatures? Fucking great. Our heart leaps w/ joy.Get those queers some guns!!

Anti-Podean Wrap-Up

Police: NZ man at strip club leaves baby in car

Published: 04/13/10 at 5:39 PM | Updated: 04/14/10 at 1:14 AM

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Police arrested a man for leaving his 1-year-old baby in a car unattended during the early hours while he watched strippers at a nightclub in New Zealand’s capital, and have placed the boy in welfare agency care.

A passer-by called police after seeing the sleeping baby in a car parked near the Mermaid Strip Club in Wellington about 3 a.m. Tuesday.

Police took the baby to hospital and arrested the father, 42, after he was located in the club, Inspector Simon Perry said. The man faces a charge of leaving a child under 14 without reasonable supervision, Perry said.

The Child, Youth and Family agency has custody of the baby for five days while it works with the baby’s relatives to decide on his future, agency deputy chief executive Ray Smith said.

New Zealand’s commissioner for children, John Angus, said leaving a child alone in a car at night was an “extreme form of neglect.”

“I would commend the member of the public who saw this poor child in the car and took some action to make it safe” by alerting police, Angus told National Radio.

Authorities declined to confirm details of the baby’s family situation, but Angus said he expected relatives to step in and warn the father that “it’s not good enough for our child to be looked after this way.”
Yes, leave it to the relatives, because they're not the people who raised this guy.

Candidate Kaus

Of course, he couldn't be elected goatdog-catcher if he were running against an actual & rabid dog, but if Mick wanted to do something useful for his state or nation he should have taken his Reagan Democrat shit & run for something as a Republican, in a noble attempt to drag the Goofy Old Party into the 20th century.

Look at this crap. He bolds it himself, so we can tell what his most important thoughts are. Thanks, Mick! (Y'know, between that & the ellipses, maybe he's a Nixon Democrat.)
"Hispanics skeptical that Obama, Democrats will deliver immigration overhaul." Gee, I wonder why! ... At this point, it's pretty clear any immigration bill that includes a path to legalization is not going to pass before the November mid-term, after which it will probably get even less likely to pass (if Republicans make substantial gains). Democrats are cynically raising hopes of amnesty to maintain Latino turnout. The only question, it seems to me, is how far down the chain the cynicism runs. Do David Axelrod and Chuck Schumer seriously think amnesty is going to happen this year? That's hard to believe. 
We suppose, then, that Hispanics should just take their tacos & run directly to the welcoming arms of Republicans? They won't have much chance of immigration reform if they all (& they don't "all") vote Tea Party types in, will they?
At the non-elite end of the political hierarchy, of course, the people marching in the streets for amnesty aren't necessarily calibrating its prospects. They want it and they are trying to make it a reality. Fair enough. But at some point maybe Democrats should stop leading them on and start telling them the truth: It's not going to happen anytime soon. That would not only allow them to plan their lives. It would also have the salutary effect of discouraging a surge of additional illegal immigration** should the job market start to recover. Maybe that's what some Democrats are afraid of. ...
If Mickey is in such agony over Southern California being taken over by the people it was stolen from, maybe he should move his ass to Idaho & see what they think of interlopers (especially those of the Hebrew persuasion) there.

As far as that job market recovering (we love Mickey's imaginative predictions) has he not heard the phrase "jobless recovery?" We'll also remind all & sundry of various recent items in this very space concerning apartment vacancies throughout our neighborhood of undocumented working immigrant neighborhood, & indications that many of the dreaded foreigners have fled home since the teachers unions & ACORN ruined the economy.