Sunday, July 3, 2022

May The Force Crawl Up Your Ass
& Die In Your Colon

Too fucking many Star Wars pix on the telly this wknd. No wonder Disney bought the franchise; nothing but damn princesses. Lame enough the first time around, but couldn't entirely new creative teams, 30 damn yrs. later, come up w/ anything even slightly new or creative? Like a different plot or something?

And art directors/set designers/whatevers: Try looking through books w/ something other than Middle- Eastern bazaars next time you're stealing ideas for cultures on other planets. 

P.S.: Next gawddam fucking tee vee show or idiot movie I see w/ the line "trust me", or any variation thereupon, will result in my tracking down the typist of said line & breaking their damn useless typing fingers. Enough already you mindless hacks. The sooner people learn no one is to be trusted the better. And the sooner you hacks come up w/ something new the better.

1 comment:

Ebon Krieg said...

Fuck Star Wars and Disney!