Thursday, July 7, 2022

Mental Health? Guns? Nope, Looks Like Shitty American Parenting

Mass Shootings Are Terrorism  —  And Republicans should stop treating them as ordinary violence.  —  In a sense, the mass murder at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, was a symbol of how badly off track our country has gotten.  Amid the bunting and marching bands and families …
"Alleged" killer's father's deli should be firebombed, or the windows should be shot out. Seems like the least someone could do. Crimo Jr. should realize how fortunate he is his spawn didn't decide to kill his family first, as they so often do. Arrest him as an accessory anyway.

Also, unaware uncle-ing:
Robert Crimo’s social media posts included violent content, such as an animation of police killing a shooter.

His uncle told the local news station WFLD-TV that he wasn’t aware of any warning signs involving his nephew.

“There were no signs of trouble,” Paul Crimo told the TV outlet. “I saw no signs of trouble. If I did see signs, I would have said something.”

"Threat to kill everyone was just a childish outburst." O.K. then, unc.

Other solutions offered: Immediate execution,
Kylee Griswold / The Federalist:
You Know What Would Deter More Shootings Than Red Flag Laws?  Executing Mass Killers Quickly  —  If politicians are serious that they're sick of ‘living with this carnage,’ the Highland Park shooter should be executed immediately.  —  The usual suspects are at it again, and I'm not talking about isolated, mentally ill young men.
Rule of law? Rights of the accused? What are those? And for the X-zillionth time: The mass shooter is already suicidal. Few of them expect to survive. "Deterrence" like that doesn't work. I mean, the police immediately execute African-Americans on a regular basis, yet people don't stop being black. (You gotta suspect Kylee there likes the idea of police death squads, legal or not. Two words in one: Einsatzgruppen.)

And exorcisms. That's from Big Bill Bennett, Catholic cretin & high-stakes gambler. Remember him?


Forget about gun control: We just need to drive out the evil spirts.
Speaking of mental health. You ever "exorcise" that high-stakes gambling addiction, fat boy?

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Grung_e_Gene said...

Aren't exorcisms literally the ultimate expression of thoughts & prayers?