Tuesday, July 5, 2022

State Of The Union:
"A republic, if you can keep it."

Flag & The Cross

Tess Owen / VICE:
Christian Fascist Propaganda Is All Over TikTok  —  TikTok has a growing online subculture that's propping up surging Christian nationalist and Christo-fascist ideology in the United States and beyond. —  Patrick Bateman, the lead character in American Psycho …

Unfairness Doctrine

Stuart A. Thompson / New York Times:
On Conservative Radio, Misleading Message Is Clear: ‘Democrats Cheat’  —  Election fraud claims from 2020 are widespread on talk radio, contributing to the belief that the midterm results cannot be trusted.  —  Stuart Thompson writes about online information flows.
Bonus: Digby beats the NYT paywall w/ more on Xian nationalism.
And look at the violent imagery these leaders are evoking among a fanatical following that is also armed with deadly weapons. We’re sitting on a powder keg.
Any day now.

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