Friday, July 15, 2022

A Finger For Friday & The World

Didn't think it would ever get here, 'though the only difference the wknd. really makes to me is that telebision programming is different. Wonder if we'll have the proverbial Friday night news dump later. Might be exciting.
More mean-looking chicas.
"I don't love you no more."
And some cultural appropriation.

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Ebon Krieg said...

Fuck America!
I have been a night owl since I was in my teens; Didn't help with HS econ classes.
Anyway, US R FUKD no matter which way US look at it.
Climate change, Biden, Trump...

As with most things a republican/conservative/evangelist (crime family) does there is an innate fear among themselves that they are wrong.

Therefore, they have to double down on the hatred and fear they instill in their troglodytes.
We live in times of peril because of these cretins and no amount of logic or common sense will prevent them from shouting about things they don't understand.

There is a perverse logic to not understanding something to a point where it must not exist anymore (in a person's feeble brain) and therefore, it must be eliminated.

I have never been happy with American society since I was able to comprehend this fucked up (American run) world and I was born in 1957.

I was child of 6 when Kennedy was assassinated.
It was traumatizing.

I was in Philadelphia when Hillary stole the nomination (very tragic time).

It seems we don't learn.

We've been doomed since 1945. We've been screwed by rethuglicans since 1877.

It was only a matter of time to place this in a historical context and truly understand how fucked up we are.

Our modern society fails to grasp their impending doom and most of this society revels in its own destruction.