Friday, July 1, 2022

Fire The Housing & Health Dep'ts.,
Kill All The Landlords!!

Yes, I'm literally advocating violence, & against a specific target. You going to put me in jail?
Sergio Vargas, lead organizer for L.A.’s Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, has been working with Chesapeake residents. He said tenants began contacting local government agencies about this neglect long before the recent inspections.

“I think it just looks really bad on the city and on the health department that they have let this happen underneath their noses,” Vargas said. “It took a lot of pressure from tenants.”

The 76-page inspection report includes a litany of violations. Here is a small sample of what the inspectors found in the apartments:

  • "10 live adult and nymph German Cockroaches in the kitchen"
  • "Suspected mold-like substance on the walls in the bathroom"
  • "20 fresh and old rodent droppings on the floor of the kitchen"
  • "Broken/cracked tiles in the shower stall"
  • "Exposed wire at the garbage disposal"
Actually, I'd be perfectly happy w/ killing the city employees who ignore this shit or are bribed by landlord scum to ignore it as well as offing the landlords.

The landlord in question is a putrid sack of shit. Ten yrs. ago he was bragging he isn't in jail. Why isn't he now?Is the L.A.P.D. too busy assaulting reporters at demonstrations to enforce any laws? What's shitty City Att'y. (& recently failed mayoral candidate, ha ha ha) Feuer doing?

Reminder: All this isn't mere inconvenice or irritation:
Eva Howard, a resident at Chesapeake for six years, has been living with mold, bed bugs and broken windows in her apartment. Her seven-year-old son got sick with lead poisoning and had to be rushed to the emergency ICU at Children’s Hospital. Once there, he slipped into a coma.

“He was sick, vomiting, unresponsive. I tried mouth to mouth (on) him. I did everything I was supposed to do on my end until the paramedics got there,” said Howard, a member of ACCE-Los Angeles.

She wants Pama and Mike Nijjar held accountable for the conditions that caused her son’s illness. “I shouldn’t have to bury my child over something that the property manager (did). I’m holding him responsible.”

Here's the fucking deal: You can't sue these people, your system's a slow-moving joke. If whatever landlords are doing (or not doing, really) isn't criminal, it should promptly be made criminal, the landlords should be locked up & their money should be returned to the tenants from which it was stolen.


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