Wednesday, July 13, 2022

It's Almost Bastille Day!

Have you made your plan to kill an aristocrat? Or more than one?

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Ebon Krieg said...

The main problem is misanthropic rich fucks (Trump, Mcconnell, and Biden in particular) who believe they are better than anyone else.
Eat the fucking rich!
History is not a trifle.
This is what we have documented from the past.
US history is not a pleasant read.
Europeans started out by believing the indigenous populations were savages and this justified the genocide that followed with this oh so christian belief.
Then we imported slavery to cater to the mercantile nature of greedy bastards and make lots of money, thereby implanting an elite class of do-nothings to rule US as the benevolent beings they thought themselves to be.
Sound familiar.
As this atrocity continued US decided to steal land (Mexico) and achieve the perfect "Manifest Destiny" that god had ordained (...from sea to shining sea.)
This was all accomplished before the Civil War.
The Civil War brought to light the seeds of treason.
WTF is this country about?
We should have held a “Nuremberg Trial” after this debacle and finally rid ourselves of the nasty putrid smell of these ass picking do nothing mother fuckers.
Yet, we chose to forgive and forget.
(Irony alert)
Fuck minorities, we have to make money. (irony)
US history is not a pleasant read.
I will talk about any part of US history if you wish to be educated.
It only gets worse after the Civil War.
Our media has been corrupt since Hearst and it only gets worse.
Republicans since particularly Nixon (and before) have fucked this country up.
Democrats have always fucked this country up (except for FDR, yet he failed to curb the rich fucks because he was one of them).

We are at a crossroads and we don't know what to do.