Friday, July 8, 2022

In A World of Shit & Pain ...

... These Sad Losers Want To Die, & Will Be More Than Happy To Take You W/ Them.

The burgeoning mass killer subculture.
Instead, many experts on extremism and technology say this suspect's activity fits with a still-emerging profile of mass shooter. Rather than falling neatly into categories familiar to law enforcement and the public, such as white supremacists, radical Islamists or antigovernment militants, it requires an understanding of dark, online subcultures that overlap and feed into each other in ways that glorify violence and foster nihilism. Alarmingly, these experts say these online milieus have been tied to an increasing number of mass shootings over time.

"It's actually very comparable to Hillary Clinton referring to Trump supporters as 'deplorables,' and the thing that happened was that they then chose to embody that label and wore it on hats and T-shirts and it became a proud in-group label," said Emmi Conley, an independent researcher of far-right extremist movements, digital propaganda and online subcultures. "Similarly, the way that we have previously talked about lone actor violence — in that they are 'mentally ill,' they're confused, they aren't part of anything, they are 'schizophrenic young men' off doing their own thing, distinct from any other groups or actors — they started to embody that."

Conley said this purposeful embodiment of an almost cartoonized version of a mass shooter is intended to play to a "known aesthetic" of what such an individual looks like in the popular imagination, and also to claim the brand of being a mass shooter.

"[Crimo] doesn't fit into an individual ideology, because ideology is irrelevant in this case," said Conley. "The thing that starts to tie this type of violent actor to other types of violent actors is not ideological, it is aesthetic."

Great. No substance, all surface. Empty idiots reacting to shallow stimuli. Well, that's the modern world, innit?
"He's not going to be the only one, I can tell you that right now," Hightower said. "You'll see more and more of young boys [and men] like [Crimo] popping off. It's not just going to be neo-Nazis and terrorists."
This reporter is holding his breath in anticipation of two or more of these fine specimens of American alienation getting together & carrying out a serious massacre. What would they have to shoot up, & how many would they have to kill before anything effective is done about our little problem?


The Sophist said...

lolwut? Crimo was a Trumpist. An anti-Semite. I mean, "doesn't fit into an individual ideology because ideology is irrelevant in this case" ? Methinks she dost protest too much.

Ebon Krieg said...

Crimo was an outlier.
It doesn't matter his ideology.
I can't wait til a woman starts shooting things up.
It will happen!

Grung_e_Gene said...

Mass shooters are Reactionary white males told their country has been stolen from them. Corporate media and Hollywood have repeatedly told America that crime and guns are only problems for those living with poverty in inner city blight ignoring skyrocketing suburban and rural white suicide (by gun) and drug abuse because the Narrative must never be changed. Republicans are more than willing to sacrifice half their supporters if it means killing off their opponents.