Monday, July 18, 2022

Pigs In Their Sty

How much have these useless shits cost the taxpayers whose children were murdered? Where's the outrage, & the necktie parties?Should this kind of person be extended credit to buy an assault weapon as soon as he turns 18? Just asking.
Perla Trevizo / The Texas Tribune:
A year before Uvalde shooting, gunman had threatened women, carried around a dead cat and been nicknamed ‘school shooter’  —  Identified as at-risk, he never received special education services and ultimately flunked out, according to a Texas House committee report
Where is the mental health assistance or whatnot, by the way? Call 988? It is to laff.


Anonymous said...

Abolish the police because they are worse than useless.

Ten Bears said...

Those pigs killed those kids as sure as the shooter ...