Thursday, April 25, 2013

Show Biz Report

First it was the Santa Monica Civic, now the Gibson Universal Amphitheater is about to enter history.

Never been to the S.M. Civic, & only once to the Universal, 1986ish, an especially memorable gig because Yellowman fell off the stage.


Aunt Snow said...

The news about the Gibson surprised me.

I knew about the Civic - you know that's where I work right? Or rather, where I will soon be laid off from?

M. Bouffant said...

Fair Exchange Editor:
Well, there you have it. We still wouldn't know about the Civic if you hadn't mentioned it. (And yes, we figgered that was where you worked, 'though we're not sure you've ever announced it.) Still don't get why the city's closing it, 'though we s'pose cat shows & bead expos may not be raking in enough moolah.

Aunt Snow said...

They make more moolah than concerts, oddly enough. Not that I'm fond of them, but it's the truth.