Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sex & Violence

Talk about the feminization of your military. These Air Force metrosexuals (Call signs: Drag names?) might as well be housewives playing some Wii game as real fighting men.In the second part we are assured that it's OK to hit Iran, because these boys & their planes will get the job done.
Part three, but why suffer through an L.A. Times-length piece when moving pctures will save the trouble of reading or questioning?Wrong again. Other than refueling, the dull actuality of the videos is like Greyhounding through America's Desert South West (Redundant?) on a hellish vacation, except from a few thousand ft.

Atomic Dog Whistles In
The Yr. Of The Plague

More on Sarah Palin's latest, from her first groupie.
Sarah Palin includes in her new book, America By Heart, a full-throated defense of Dan Quayle, calling his Murphy Brown speech “prophetic.” And she does so candidly:
Two-parent families do matter when it comes to raising kids to be happy and productive citizens. Does that mean we turn our backs on girls and women who find themselves pregnant with no man in their lives? Of course not. I would be the last person to advocate that. I know the pain and challenges that accompany your wonderful, smart, “it-could-never-happen-to-her” seventeen-year-old daughter telling you she is pregnant.”
Palin writes that “I’m biased, of course, but given a choice of role models between Bristol and Murphy Brown, I choose Bristol.”

The mom who was in the Dancing with the Stars audience last night cheering on Bristol, writes: “We’ve welcomed Bristol’s son Tripp into our lives with open arms. He is beautiful, and things are working out. But Bristol has paid a price — a high price. Her adolescence ended long before it should have. Her days of carefree hanging out with friends, playing sports, and studying leisurely are over — and she’s making sure other girls know it. That’s why she’s out there, speaking up about her experience and telling other young girls, ‘Don’t do what I did.’”

I’ve heard America by the Heart described today as “dog whistle politics.” It’s actually a lot more straightforward than that.
Candid & straightforward. Bow wow wow.

The Mindless Dead, Quantified

Reagan gets 33 mentions, which Palin accomplishes by deploying his name at every possible opportunity (eg: "Ronald Reagan once quoted Abraham Lincoln as saying ... "). Here's a look at some of the other common terms in the book [...] :
God -- 100 times
"freedom" -- 100 times
Ronald Reagan -- 33 times
Barack Obama -- 32 times
"abortion" -- 28 times
"slavery" -- 25 times
"feminism" -- 18 times
Iraq -- 11 times
"flag" -- 11 times
"mainstream media" -- 10 times
John McCain -- 9 times
Martin Luther King Jr. -- 9 times
George W. Bush -- 8 times
"Tea Party" -- 8 times
Calvin Coolidge -- 6 times (she calls him "one of our most overlooked presidents")
John Kerry -- 6 times
"city on a hill" -- 6 times
Jesus -- 5 times
"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" -- 5 times
Hillary Clinton -- 4 times
Afghanistan -- 4 times
"freedom isn't free" -- 3 times
Booker T. Washington -- 2 times
"lame stream media" -- 1 time
Levi Johnston -- 1 time
Katie Couric -- 0 times

K-Lo "Edits" A Lay-Out

This is truly sad*, & we didn't grab all the examples of sadness we could.
The resemblance is striking.
Playing pocket pool more than walking.
Now you liberal coddlers of minorities have seen meritocracy in action!

*The incorrect captions, reuse of images, & so on. No complaint at all w/ the illustrations. (Just the subjects.) Had no idea one could do this w/ one's Pad. (And still don't care.)

Tabula Rasa

Being the inquiring sort, we wanted to see what would happen were the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to receive a present from above, as suggested by this colossus of the legal instruction profession. But no.
Down the memory hole?

Bonus poster, lest we forget.

We The (Older, Whiter, Maler, Richer) People

The AP says:
Exit polls of voters in this month’s congressional elections reveal similar gulfs. Most tea party supporters — 86 percent — want less government intrusion on people and businesses, but only 35 percent of other voters said so. Tea party backers were about five times likelier to blame Obama for the country’s economic ills, three times likelier to say Obama’s policies will be harmful and twice as apt to see the country on the wrong track.

These aren’t subtle shadings between tea party backers and the majority of Americans, who don’t support the movement; they’re Grand Canyon-size chasms.
Not enough of them to "take their country back," & not enough of them in any kind of shape to hold on to it if they could "take it back."

Don't believe for a moment that all "independents" are a bunch of drooling old fools, either. Only 30% of the mugwumps are T.P. fans.
The poll also shows sharp differences between the tea party and the 7 in 10 independents who don’t support the tea party, a group both parties will target in 2012. Tea party backers take a far more negative view of Obama and his agenda than those independents do and are far likelier to think favorably of the GOP and unfavorably of Democrats.

Tea partiers are likelier to be white, male, older and more affluent than everyone else, the polls show — groups that tend to be more conservative. Yet even compared with the 47 percent of conservatives who don’t back the tea party, the views of conservatives who do support the movement stand out.
As ignorant idiocy.

More War

War Up-Date

Breaking News Alert Tue 23 November 2010 -- 1:58 AM ET
South Korea Scrambles Jets After North Reportedly Fires Near Border

South Korea says it has scrambled F-16 fighter jets and returned fire after North Korea shot dozens of rounds of artillery onto a populated South Korean island near the countries' western border, according to The Associated Press.

South Korea's YTN television says two people were injured, several houses were on fire and that shells were still falling on Yeonpyeong island.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Unfortunate Juxtaposition

You don't want the grim details.
Total picture. Good job, LAist.

Once Again, We Guessed It

Extensive experimentation (since around 1130 PT this date) has confirmed our prior assumption that no amount of coffee can wake us up or make us give a shit about ... about ... Well, we were vaguely pleased that the atomic oven does a fair & fast job of tater cooking. Other than that ...

Stupidest Question Of The Week,
Monday Edition (W/ Guess)

Two parasites (Charles Curran and Patrick Ennis have spent over 35 combined years as technology investors and innovators.  We live in Washington DC and Washington State, respectively.) in The Daily Caller.
A number of technology people spent time and money helping Meg Whitman’s campaign. But none of the brand name technology moguls in California played a leadership role in helping her win. Rand Paul had the Tea Party. Marco Rubio had Senator DeMint. Jerry Brown had the unions. With all due respect to Mitt Romney, Meg Whitman had herself.

Imagine instead if Meg Whitman, during the peak of her campaign struggles could have stood on stage with the CEOs of Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Cisco Systems, Intel, and Oracle and delivered a pro-jobs message.* She could have defined the narrative of the race. She would have won despite her other well-documented weaknesses as a candidate. She could have fixed the state in a way the outgoing governor could not despite years of toil.
We believe the standard question here is "What are these guys smoking?" Right?
The good news is that California, like America, is fixable. California still has universities, talent, entrepreneurial culture and weather which are the envy of the world. California still can be America’s shining city on the hill. So, who out there in Silicon Valley will step up and lead?
Uh, entire brand damaged by recent marketing attempts?

And could we have a moratorium (Followed by a permanent ban.) on the "shining city" bit already? That horse is not going to get up & trot off no matter how many more times you flog it.

*Yeah, why didn't that happen? We just can't imagine.

Fraudulent Voter Fraud

First reactions of whiny-assed losers: "Wasn't faaaaair!" often accompanied by the stamping of a tiny foot:
As Campbell stood outside Angle’s hotel room door at The Venetian hotel, the results showed the Republican nominee down by 34,000 votes in Las Vegas’s Clark County and 7,000 votes in Reno’s Washoe County, an impossible deficit to make up in the state’s less populous rural counties.

Nonetheless, Campbell and a cadre of tea party activists cornered her in a suite and tried to persuade her not to concede the race for almost an hour. They said she should demand a recount and charge voter fraud in Clark County.
We bold, you laugh. Via.

More stamping, w/ wailing:
Friday, Hillbuzz.org blogger Kevin DuJan wrote, "The real aim of Bristol's Pistols: to expose Democratic hypocrisy on voter fraud and ask why the media is so obsessed with the voting on a reality show but doesn't care about Leftist tampering with actual elections.

"The Left is angry whenever I teach conservatives the tricks the Left consistently employs against Republicans. . . . The media and the Left are engraged [sic] right now because 'Bristol's Pistols,' as they are calling us, have been creatively and energetically voting for her on a reality TV show. It's what I call 'Voting like a Democrat' . . . voting early . . . voting often . . . voting as cartoon characters . . . voting under aliases . . . ," DuJan wrote.
The Left isn't angry so much as bored w/ all this, but we'll just have to put up w/ it until the aging honkies who vote the straight reaction ticket have died or have full-blown dementia (How will we be able to determine when it's full-blown?) & the low-info vote settles to the 20% of the electorate it should be.

We Remember ...

That day in November, & how pissed we were that Art Linkletter's House Party wasn't on.
Sen. Kennedy announces he'll run in 1960. (AP Photo)
(AP Photo)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

No One On A Hoveround®?

Los Angeles, city on the move. Distance has never prevented the Angeleno on the go from getting some wheels & getting what he wants.
The female officers walked along the sidewalk until customers, arriving in cars and on foot, skateboards and bicycles, stopped to make a deal to obtain a sex act.
A man is taken into custody after he rode up to an undercover cop on his bicycle and allegedly offered her money for sex. (Scott Varley/Staff Photographer)
As they strolled with their "prostitutes" through the motel's parking lot, the men quickly found themselves in handcuffs and on their way to jail.

Gov't. Interferes w/ Vigorous Free Market

An undercover officer chats with a man in a pickup who offered her money for sex. He was arrested. (Scott Varley/Staff Photographer)
The customers, police said, were all "regular" people of a variety of ages who offered $15 to $100 for a fast sex act.
Market driven efficiency.

Ha Ha Ha

And down he flops!

More Is Less

Look! Weather!

Around here, we don't necessarily have it every day.

Meet The Old Boss

Meanness from the Daily Beast.
The peerless self-importance of the class continued in the burlesque house-setting of the caucus chamber, with some of the prideful rubes still sporting their campaign paraphernalia as if this was Animal House awaiting the toga moment. The pay-off for Boehner arrived when it was time to vote by secret ballot on the leadership for the 112th Congress. The froshers settled down dutifully and, without any doubts or even questions as to why there was only one name on the ballot for each leadership position, they voted for the men and women who had twice approved the Bush administration's TARP heresy in 2008 that began the long fall of the country into bailout nationhood.

"The Tea Party kept the TARP leaders in power," scoffed an unhappy veteran Republican. "The revolution was over the first day."


Does the Tea Party class know that the earmark-ban game is already over? Does the Tea Party class understand that it is in Washington to placate Washington while it runs for re-election without a wave behind it?

"They act like they're the first people to get elected," measured a Republican veteran after several days of giddy freshmen enthusiasm. "They elected Boehner, who wept on opening day. Where are the adults?"
Prideful rubes, sho' nuff. Self-righteous pricks, if we may add.

Booze & The First Amendment

From the "What the hell?" file:
Since 2002, 14 states have joined the list of states allowing Sunday sales of distilled spirits, bringing the total to 36, says Lisa Hawkins of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.
Meaning that 14 states still violate America's rights every Sunday. Goddam Puritan assholes. What about our FREEDOMS? Boozer liberation now!

Results Of The Digital Telebision Revolution

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adrian Adonis Beefs Up

Gorilla Monsoon (One of the top five fake names ever.) & future Minn. Gov./then-&-now loon Jesse "The Body" Ventura discuss weight issues while announcing a match between Adrian Adonis (Who would die, allegedly at the hooves of a Canadian moose, almost three yrs. after this bout.) & Leapin' Lanny Poffo, bro to both Macho Man Randy Savage & Mike Savage, who sang lead for Pygmy Love Circus.

Isn't "Punk" Rock Redundant?

If we were to be anywhere tomorrow afternoon other than safely inside listening to the patter of the rain on the metal awnings, Chinese water torture style, it would absolutely be here.
Destroy All Hot Dogs!!! - The Liquid Kitty Punk Rock BBQ is rolling out a special Fall Edition Sunday afternoon. No cover, free hot dogs, $2 PBR’s, and an awesome lineup (The ExxtrasFatso Jetson, The Black Widows, Lawndale, Mike Watt & The Missingmen, and Legal Weapon) should be plenty incentive to get you to the Westside. The doors open at 1, and we recommend that you get there early to see all the bands.
Waitaminnit, did we just read free hot dogs? This may call for a change in plans. (That is an "awesome" line-up, in the sense that we've heard of some of them. Legal Weapon? Where've they been for the last 25 yrs.? We will testify as to The Black Widows being more than tolerable.) But it's highly unlikely we'll show, free dogs or no, so here's the info.
2010 Liquid Kitty "PuNk RoCk" BbQ! -Fall Edition-
Sunday, November 21, 2010 1:30 PM - 7:30 PM
11780 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 21 and over.

Turtle-Man To Chicken Boy

Chicken B., O.G.-style. Found here.
Courtesy of Amy Inouye
Chicken Boy on Broadway before it was moved away in 1984.
The team that saved Chicken Boy will be honored with a 2010 Governor’s Historic Preservation award, joining other projects that contribute "historic preservation endeavors” throughout the State of California.

That’s a long way from 1984 when Amy Inouye first rescued the 22-foot fiberglass man-chicken holding a bucket over Broadway between 4th and 5th. Chicken Boy was kept in storage until 2007, when Inouye had it placed on her Highland Park studio.

“I refer to this as an art installation,” says Inouye. “It is also tied in to Historic Route 66 and roadside Los Angeles.”

Another Dog Bites Turtle-Man Story

Surprise, surprise! Whiny losers whine, & more/worse.
Over the last few days, as Harris' lead has stayed around 30,000 votes, Steve Cooley's campaign has pulled out that old Republican standby, challenging the vote count.

Naturally, their deep concern is focused only on counties where Harris holds large leads. There, Cooley's campaign staff has begun attacking not only the credibility of the process, but also the professionals overseeing the process. And their narrative has actually taken hold, with stories in the Wall Street Journal and some local papers.

The real story is that their candidate is losing. But all too often, Republicans see reality as negotiable.
We're thinking the typists (Two guys to crank it out? Really?) are already being very kind to assert that Republicans can perceive reality, let alone negotiate it.
But all this exertion by the Cooley campaign is actually a good omen for Kamala Harris. Clearly Cooley's people are setting up the troubled vote count narrative for a reason: they believe they've lost. Why else try to discredit the process, unless they think it's pointing to an unfavorable outcome for their side? If it were otherwise, we can assume they would be going out of their way to praise the wisdom of the people and the miracle of democracy in action.

The Cooley campaign has received a lot of money from trickster grandee Karl Rove. We can well imagine the kind of mentoring he might throw in with it.

Luckily, the Harris Campaign appears to have been prepared for these attacks and has fought back. Meanwhile, we agree with the Fresno Bee. Although that paper endorsed Cooley, its editorial yesterday was headed "Cooley should cool it on vote count in race for AG's seat", and concludes, "Candidates have the right to monitor the count, but not interfere. Let county voting officials do their job."
Completists may check w/ the Sec. for what remains to be counted & where.

And if you were unaware, know now that Steve Cooley is one of the many Republican turtle-men bred (Possibly by an evil scientist.)  for just this sort of thing.
Untitled (Chinless w/ saggy jowls)

Late Night Telebision

Go ahead, post silly "music" videos.In comments, it is suggested that Der Bingle's rug was in peril.

And revisit the news from the Iron Range waaaay back in 1973.Bigger market, six yrs. later.

GROUP W (As In Westinghouse)

An exercise in Security Theater from the Nixon Era.

Slut-Shaming From MC Mona C.

Mona Charen thinks/types that Sarah Palin should take over for Oprah & get off the overtly political stage. We're more fascinated by the apparent non-stop shameless vulgarity of Dancing W/ The Stars, which we have so far managed to miss, other than hearing about Tom "The Hammer" Delay's turn thereon, & the stress fractures in his feet or whatever the excuse for his early departure was. And the Cuban heels. But this is not about us, it's all about Mona.
Speaking of television, sorry, this must be mentioned. Have you watched "Dancing With the Stars"? Cheesy would be several steps up for this one. Perhaps the former governor should not be blamed for the decisions of her adult daughter. Yet there in the audience we see Sarah and Todd Palin, mugging for the camera and cheering on their unwed-mother daughter as she bumps and grinds to the tune of "Mamma Told Me (Not to Come)." Her parents had advised her, the 20-year-old Bristol told an interviewer, that she had to stay "in character" if she expected to win. Being "in character" apparently meant descending to the vulgarity that "DWTS" peddles on a weekly basis. The momma grizzly was apparently unfazed by -- or, equally disturbing, unaware of -- the indignity. And this is supposed to be a conservative culture warrior?
If you're the sort of person who asks things like "Who the hell is Mona Charen?" she is "a staunch advocate of the United States and Israel." It says so right here, where we also located a photo of the staunch advocate.
WRITE ON! Breindel winner Mona Charen is flanked yesterday by Fox News Channel President Roger Ailes (left) and News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch.
Not vulgar at all, those two gentlemen. Fucking pair of princes, actually.

Friday, November 19, 2010


If you're under 18 or 55+, knock it off.

California: Not As Nuts As
Real America

Time to talk about secession, & keeping that sweet, sweet tax revenue for ourselves, rather than giving it to a bunch of crackers in a sanity-forsaken state miles from the ocean?
California voters surveyed in the poll repudiated the party's stance on illegal immigration by endorsing a host of positions intended to make it easier for the undocumented to gain legal status. Their support for same-sex marriage outnumbered that opposing any legal recognition by more than 3 to 1. Californians also endorsed an assertive role for government in protecting minority citizens, regulating corporations and helping the poor and needy, and rejected arguments that an activist role for government had harmed the fiber of American society.

The negative overlay both explained and helped determine the fates of the party's candidates in November. As a GOP tide swept the nation, Republicans here lost all statewide offices, with one contest, for attorney general, still unresolved but leaning toward the Democrat. Republicans here also failed to gain any congressional seats and lost a legislative seat.

Strikingly, almost one in five California voters said they would never cast a ballot for a Republican. Among Latinos, that rose to almost one in three. Only 5% of California voters were as emphatically anti-Democrat.

"I don't know how any Republican thinks they can win in California after looking at this," said GOP pollster Linda DiVall, who with Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg directed the survey for The Times and the USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences.
Course we'll need some of that money for serious border security. Along the Arizona, Nevada & Oregon borders.

Made It Work

And it's more aestheically appealing.
Later. We'll be eating ourself into a coma.


Great TV Euphemisms Dept.: "Media time-out." Definition: Time for commercials.

Student athlete actors: Cal players seemingly faked injuries several times against Oregon on Saturday, trying to stop the Ducks' hurry-up offense. The Associated Press said Cal lineman Aaron Tipoti "got up from making a tackle, went up to the line, looked to the sideline, then fell to the ground holding his leg, just before Oregon could snap the ball." Tipoti made a miraculous recovery, returning for the next play.
Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb tries to avoid a sack by Eagles defensive end Juqua Parker during the second half Monday night. (Rafael Suanes/US Presswire/November 15, 2010)
Rout of the weak: Green Bay (6-3) over Minnehaha (3-6).
Crummy game of the weak: Detroit (2-7) at Dallas (2-7).
Dishonorable mention: Detroit couldn't even beat a winless team (Buffalo) on Sunday, losing its 25th straight road game, an NFL record.

The Present Day Photgrapher Doesn't Give A Shit About Your Sign

Ugly junk. No one would bother.
Your metal band needs these!
Formerly Channel 13.
Another Hitchcockian cameo.

Architectural Review: Accessorizing In The 21st Century

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hamburger Habit Just Might Cause One
Don't believe the hype. Ate there (once) while inhabiting the Half Moon Motel (Also on Sepulveda.) Entirely different, & we don't remember the food or the experience having been worth a return visit when Mr. Charming & Personal
The man who took my order was the owner, Frank Pezeshki.  With his mustache, open-necked shirt, and gold Star of David, Frank is a character.  He reminds me of character actor Lou Jacobi. However, to make a point, Frank doesn’t raise his low voice.  Rather, he reaches across the counter to touch you on the arm. Then, when he sees an extra drop of drink on the outside of your cup, [Our emphasis. Yuck, how many roaches has he squashed w/ that cloth?] he reaches across the counter again, grabs the cup, and wipes it clean with a cloth. It’s certainly personal, hands-on service.
ran the dump in WeHo. Fatburger's a much better deal.

Any relation?

Happy Family

The Sipstress:

Sarah Palin's happiness is what really irks liberals

Willow (Allegedly, & what do we know?):

Blimp 1 & 2

Annals Of Consumption: Out W/ The Old, In ...

Just when you think you might have three nickels to rub together ...
Note excess of irritating electronic controls above, compared w/ simple mechanical timer. We hope we'll be able to turn on the effing thing.

Current Economic Slump


We may have broken S,N!
An admittedly-longer-than-average block-quote & one measly link. Feh.


Wanted: Two big-ass lumps of plutonium or uranium, & something that will smash them together at a very high speed. Contact "M.B.," c/o this web log.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Words Don't Matter

We had no idea the amazingly unhinged Tammy Bruce had anything to do w/ GOProud, but considering what GOProud usually has to say, it doesn't come as a surprise. Note "scare" quotes.
And a victory for free speech as well.
We've both lived in & spent plenty of time in WeHo (Before it was incorporated, even.) & have few recollections of hearing said "slur" on the streets. (Never been to Chelsea.) So, in the spirit of Laura Schlessinger & Ms. Bruce herself, we'll take this opportunity to call Tammy Bruce a gay, racist lezbo. There. No controversy. We hear it every day of the wk., so it's OK!!

Other "controversies" where words/images are no big deal, & certainly no cause for shame.
Just stop being so uptight! See? Now there certainly shouldn't be any problem if Just Another Blog™ calls Ms. Bruce an offense to all decent people who understand how Gawd made us to have sex, & a witch who suffers such penis envy that the photo at the top of her website features her holding a penis (substitute).
Here's another telling photo. Dr. Freud to psychiatric intake. Please!
Just a foolish, empty "controversy." Man up, bitch!!

NB: Definitely NOT cross-posted, especially not at Whiskey Fire. Because wymyn are such sensitive little flowers (Except for the vicious Sarah Palin schoolmarm/Grisly Mama types, who are always happy to impose their rules on everyone.) one really shouldn't disagree w/ them. (Although we're actually agreeing w/ self-hater Tammy: Ain't no thang, call anyone anything you want, anytime, right?)

Team To Hate

From The NYT, as pointed out by David Weigel.
After Palin arrived in Charleston, and exhorted the state’s “mountain mamas” to “keep Manchin in the mansion,” she and Todd flew to New York on Saturday afternoon. She was still mulling over several invitations to campaign along the Eastern Seaboard. One was a Tea Party Express event in Wilmington, Del., in support of the controversial senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell. Palin’s endorsement of O’Donnell over a more-moderate candidate had been catalytic to her primary victory. Later Palin authorized an adviser, Randy Scheunemann, and two others to go to Wilmington to help O’Donnell in her debate preparation. But this particular event for the woman who proclaimed “I’m not a witch” was on Sunday — Halloween — and Palin prudently elected not to attend. Instead, she spent the afternoon watching the New York Jets play from the luxury box of the team’s owner, Woody Johnson.
Go Not-Jets!!

It Begins ... Palin Leads The Pack

This first paragraph had us bent over & doubled up.
In addition, the Republican crop of candidates to challenge Obama in 2012 remains unsatisfying to most conservatives. No one person combines star power and charisma with intellectual heft, policy expertise and political courage to stand for things the right most wants to see.
Is he fucking kidding? Who knows w/ these types, 'though it's obvious he went over the short list before reaching that conclusion.
Recent polling on the Republican field by Public Policy Polling showed Palin leading the pack of 2012 GOP candidates in six states, while Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was ahead in six other states. Palin led in Texas, Ohio, West Virginia, Maine, Wisconsin and Washington. Romney was ahead in New Hampshire, California, Florida, Colorado, Connecticut and Nevada.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee led in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kentucky and Alaska, Palin’s home state. But tellingly, the most respondents in all 18 states, 19.6 percent, said they want someone else or were undecided.

A Gallup poll released Tuesday showed Palin with 16 percent support in the GOP primary, tied for second with Huckabee behind only Romney, who had 19 percent.

Palin, therefore, has to be considered a leading contender for the nomination judging solely by the polls. Many in the GOP establishment who do not want to see her become the party’s nominee are dismayed that no strong alternative has yet become apparent.
Hey, how 'bout Tucker Carlson? He's young & ... youngish. OK, he has a baby-face & he's sissified, even if he gave up on the bow-tie. Next?

Yikes, this crap goes on for four Daily Crawler pages. No way. Read 'em & weep yourself.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweepers, Man Your Brooms!

Rum tum tiddley ... sweeping out the in-box ... rum tum tum ...
How'd that work out again?
The lines are drawn.
Look, more!
Now make us grateful: Never blot the media landscape again.

We Steal, You Read

Hunh. We noted the Tribune Washington Bureau dateline earlier; now, more:
[T]he Times is getting back operational control of the Tribune Washington bureau. Times editor Russ Stanton announced the change today, which means management authority over the bureau will reside in Los Angeles, not with a Tribune committee in Chicago headed by the publisher of the company's Fort Lauderdale paper. You might remember that the LAT had one of the, if not the, largest and best-regarded newspaper bureaus in Washington. Then the Zellnoids sided with Chicago in Tribune's internal culture war — and Zell himself dropped into D.C. to tell his reporters "all of you are overhead." The big Times bureau was merged two years ago with Tribune's handful of Washington reporters, with editors not connected to L.A. calling many of the shots — and many stars of the bureau departing for other pursuits. Some hope that today's move is the start of a return to the old LAT bureau, but for now at least it will still be called the Tribune bureau.
And while we're at it ("It" being grabbing stuff from L.A. Observed.) an update on the continuing Calif. A.G. race, which looks to have shifted again.
The race for California attorney general is clearly going down to the wire, which might be located about two weeks from here. Anyway, the afternoon update finds that Kamala Harris lost a couple of thousand votes (net) today and now leads Steve Cooley by 29,738. You can follow the updates yourself at the Secretary of State website and drill down a bit here into the remaining ballots.

The Gaffney-May Axis Of Terror

Coming soon once they raise the money to finish it from the rubes. And more of the same from Mr. May. (WARNING: Autoplay w/ idiotic scare-mongering rant. Careful, wage-slaves.) Doesn't appear to have worked out too well, as we first mocked it in early February 2009.

But that doesn't seem to stop whoever finances this crap. (Even as the perpetrators have their hands out.)

Eat Shit & Die

Dallas, Texas, Tuesday 16 November 2010
After the ceremony, Cheney walked off the stage with the help of a cane and posed for one photo with Bush and first lady Laura Bush as they held shovels. Then he excused himself early from the proceedings. (Photo of Cheney and Bush by L.M. Otero/AP)
Found the above shot at the L.A.Times, whose story was from the Tribune Washington Bureau & "reported from Washington." Keep 'phoning it in, TribCor.