Monday, May 6, 2013

Prophet W/o Honor

C'mon Internet, better late than never but try to pay attention.
Does the wig come w/ it?

US$89.95 per bleeder (the mutilators are 20 bucks less) they claim it will take 1,000 rounds. So, an afternoon w/ fellow enthusiasts. Blows up real good when you're through w/ it though.
$44.95 – 6 Pack ZomBOOM!
Exclusive Zombie Repellent Formula
6 x 1/2lb Exploding Rifle Targets
Due to possible legality issues Zombie Industries no longer sells, advertises or markets this product to customers in the following States; California, Maryland, New York and Hawaii.
If you live in these states we will NOT ship to you under any cicumstance!!! [sic]
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