Monday, May 6, 2013

Prophet W/o Honor

C'mon Internet, better late than never but try to pay attention.
Does the wig come w/ it?

US$89.95 per bleeder (the mutilators are 20 bucks less) they claim it will take 1,000 rounds. So, an afternoon w/ fellow enthusiasts. Blows up real good when you're through w/ it though.
$44.95 – 6 Pack ZomBOOM!
Exclusive Zombie Repellent Formula
6 x 1/2lb Exploding Rifle Targets
Due to possible legality issues Zombie Industries no longer sells, advertises or markets this product to customers in the following States; California, Maryland, New York and Hawaii.
If you live in these states we will NOT ship to you under any cicumstance!!! [sic]


Weird Dave said...

From what I understand, people are a little annoyed 'cause Rocky here doesn't look much like Sylvester Stallone.


Really… Piers Morgan thinks we are the new National debate!!! What real news is he hoping goes away??? Enter “DEBATE” for a 30% discount courtesy of Piers!

Thanks Piers.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

C'mon Internet, better late than never but try to pay attention

You really need to take over the internet and rule it.

US$89.95 per bleeder

Not only are they sickos, but they're suckers as well.