Thursday, April 25, 2013


Honestly, the fucking dogs?
Busts of presidential pets Barney and Miss Beazley
in the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

(Credit: AP/David J. Phillip)
We should admit these two canines were probably the most intelligent & rational members of the Bush administration.

More crap about what crap these "libraries" are:
An expert explains why Bush's national monument will likely degenerate into an empty, wasteful, gimmicky albatross
Oh, as if all human activity doesn't degenerate into gimmicky empty waste. Wise up already you optimistic shithead moron.


Aunt Snow said...

Reminds me of Bashaw Faithful Friend of Man

Bush's taste is all in his mouth, it doesn't reside anywhere else.

BadTux said...

Note what's missing in that photo (and in all photos I've seen thus far of the "Bush Library": Books. Or even a single book. Maybe "My Pet Goat" is hidden in that pedestal beneath the dogs, but sure don't see anything resemblin' a book anywhere in this library, do you?