Saturday, May 4, 2013


It happened 20 to 30 yrs. ago in Internet time (Excuse the fuck out of us for having a lifethings we must do which do not involve the Internet.) but if the Daily Beast can let Ho-ward Kurtz go for probably not reading Jason Collins' SI article, WHY IN HELL IS MEGAN McARDLE STILL TYPING & COLLECTING MONEY THERE?

Viz., we saw this Tues./Weds. but for crying out loud, no way. Then, seconds ago (Or, in Internet time, hrs. ago) immediately before seeing that Kurtz was a ghost at the Beast we saw this wherein two of Sullivan's readers let him know what a dope he is (Although he may have had the cunning to leave the Beast ahead of a pink slip.) for agreeing w/ McArdle. (Horrors, we've exceeded whatever limit the Dump DopeDish places on free reading; this means we can not-bring Sully into whatever new feed thingie we establish once Reader disappears.)

We'll just use the incognito thingie to grab the best part so the rubes needn't lose their privileges or actually click there. Our emphasis.
I’m sorry, but the plain fact is that the Republicans stole the 2000 election, and did so with the active complicity of the US Supreme Court. I know that’s serious language, which we should not use carelessly or casually, but I say it with due consideration, and I think that judgment is clearly supported by the facts.

Some may disagree. But at the very least, we should not rewrite history along the lines of Republican propaganda (currently being spouted, perhaps sincerely, by Megan McArdle.)
We assume she is sincere in her desire for the money, & she's certainly dense enough to swallow propaganda whole.

And why hasn't this broken a camel's back somewhere? Tina Brown, the ball is in your court.

Douchebag Tag Team

By John Cole May 2nd, 2013
You’ll never guess what couple is one of the first out of the gate distorting the Oregon Medicaid study:
I’m sure you are all shocked they are doing what they are paid to do.
Speaking of Tina Brown, we knew she'd married a philandering jerk old enough to be her father (25+ yrs. on her) but didn't know the full story/story as Wikipedia tells it.
In 1973, the literary agent Pat Kavanagh introduced Brown's writings to Harold Evans, editor of The Sunday Times, and in 1974 she was given freelance assignments in the UK by Ian Jack, the paper's features editor, and in the US by its color magazine edited by Godfrey Smith. When a relationship developed between Brown and Evans, she resigned to write for the rival The Sunday Telegraph. Evans divorced his wife in 1978 and on August 20, 1981 Evans and Brown were married at Grey Gardens, the East Hampton, New York, home of then The Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn. Brown lives in New York City with Sir Harold Evans and their two children, a son, George born in 1986 and a daughter, Isabel, born in 1990.
Sweet Blood of Jesus, how fitting that she'd be married at Ben & Sally's palatial mansion, as the Bradlee/Quinn story is very similar to the Brown/Evans affair. Except the age difference is only 20 yrs. Pikers!!

Christ, what a goatse-sized asshole every person in this item (other than Randy Andy's reader & John Cole) is. No jury could possibly convict us. They'd vote us a medal.
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